Dems Try To Change Subject, Bring Iraq War Into Obama Lied Debate

Liberals are furiously spinning to protect this turd of a law as it becomes quite clear that Mr. Obama knowingly lied about being able to keep your plan if you like it. Here’s another cute on

(Daily Caller) President Obama’s “you can keep your health insurance” lie is now being compared to President Bush’s “lie” that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The problem with the comparison is that only one of the claims was a lie.

“What about President Obama, did he tell the exact truth? I’d have to say no,” liberal radio host Bill Press said last week. “Should he have conditioned it? Yeah! He should have said, and Congressman John Yarmuth said this yesterday on our show, the president probably should have said 99 percent, he would have been absolutely right on. Or he should have said, by far most Americans, and he would have been absolutely right on. He didn’t, but I just have to say, for the Republicans to make a big deal of that, I remember another president saying Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and we had to invade that country and we did.”

DC writer Jamie Weinstein goes on to say that Obama lied, Bush was mystified, and highlights all the intelligence pre-invasion that informed Bush that Iraq did have WMD, along with intelligence agencies who thought the same, including the French, Germans, and UN. And let’s not forget all the Democrats who stated that Iraq was a threat, going back to President Clinton. You have Dems like John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and the late Ted Kennedy. Jay Rockefeller and John Edwards both referred to Iraq as an “imminent threat”. Furthermore, President Bush’s 2003 State Of the Union discussed denying Iraq WMD, not capturing it.

That’s as far as I’m willing to re-litigate the Operation Iraqi Freedom. The fact is, Obama is president now. And he lied dozens of times about the effects of Obamacare. Willfully lied. Knowingly lied. And here’s the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank

No, the Obamacare pratfall is not Obama’s Iraq: The magnitude is entirely different, and the problems — Web site malfunctions and a wave of policy cancellations — are fixable. But the decision-making is disturbingly similar: In both cases, insular administrations, staffed by loyalists and obsessed with secrecy, participated in group-think and let the president hear only what they thought he wanted to hear.

This is brought up in terms of Obama being insular, and having too many “yes-men/women” surrounding him. And, no, it’s not Iraq. It’s worse. Team Obama’s mid-range estimate is that 93 million Americans will lose their health insurance plans. People will not be able to keep their doctors. Exchange insurance plans severely restrict what is considered “in-network”. Deductibles and premiums have significantly increased. Tens of millions will be moved to Medicaid. Government costs will skyrocket. And this effects one sixth of the American economy. People are being moved to part time status to avoid Obamacare penalties. Hiring has been effected. So have earnings. And Obamacare will continue to harm Americans.

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