HHS Head Sebelius Brings Up Tickle Me Elmo In “Affordable” Care Act Discussion

Well, she was speaking to low information voters/Democrats, so she had to keep the speech at a very simply level

(National Journal) Kathleen Sebelius brushed off questions Friday about reports saying only six people signed up for coverage on the first day of the Obamacare website’s operation.

Speaking at a library in Memphis as part of an effort to encourage healthcare sign ups in the city, Sebelius said she didn’t know where that figure came from and that the government doesn’t have “reliable enrollment figures yet.

“I don’t pay a lot of attention to these early reports, because the system was flawed,” she said, adding that the flaws were partly because of demand. “This is month one. We’re in football season now, and this is the first quarter. A lot of folks want to declare game over. I don’t know where those figures came from, but we’ll be giving out comprehensive figures once a month.”

Think about that one: this is Obama’s signature legislation (not quite sure why, he had nothing to do with the hard work in getting this turd written and passed, other than some campaign speeches). They’ve had over three years to get ready. And they do no have any firm numbers regarding how many have signed up through healthcare.fail. But, then, no one really seems to know how much was spent developing and implementing the website. Best guess is $174 million.

I can bet if the numbers for enrollment were good, they’d be releasing them.

She told community leaders the public needs to be reminded that the website does not function like Amazon.com, where customers are used to logging on to buy a product “like a Tickle Me Elmo doll” before someone else gets it. In this case, Sebelius said, the service is constant and doesn’t run out.

She’s right, healthcare.gov isn’t like Amazon, where you can simply log on and purchase a product like Tickle Me Elmo. It’s more like one of those penny bid sites, where you all of a sudden realize that those penny bids, which cost a dollar each, have just added up to you paying more for the product than if you had purchased it straight.

When you go to Amazon, you can see the full price of the product. You can see the full details of the product. You can see what it looks like. If there are some details missing, you can most likely go to the manufacturers website or elsewhere and find more details. You can read reviews on the product. You can add it to the shopping cart and see the extras, like tax and shipping costs. You can then hit “purchase”, and be assured that there is very little chance that someone will hijack your personal information. All unlike healthcare.fail.

Wait 4 minutes…..boom, I just purchased the next book in the Dead series (really great zombie series) and tools to replace watch batteries, which includes the tool that takes the back off watches with those notches. Order confirmed. Think the Obamacare website can do that? OK, fine, it’s a bit more complicated. I spent about an hour helping my girlfriend look at Android tablets the other day. We had every detail we needed. Then she purchased. She knew exactly what she was getting before purchasing. Obamacare website can’t do that.

*yes, yes, I know, liberals will surely deem that photo as raaaaacist.

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