Someone Needs To Be Evicted

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Guess not

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8 Responses to “Someone Needs To Be Evicted”

  1. Jeffery says:

    I beginning to think the great American experiment has fun its course and it’s time to split up. Revive the Confederacy and add some of the mountain west and great plains and you’ll have New South America or Jesusland or whatever you wish to call it. You’ll have whites, Christians, guns and low taxes. You’ll have private schools, the 10 Commandments, no EPA, no Medicare, no Medicaid, no Social Security – just a freeman’s paradise!

    The rest of us will welcome our brothers and sisters, white, Black, Hispanic, Christian, Muslim, gay, straight, atheist, able, disabled to our coastal and northern states. Maybe we’ll merge with Canada. But no sneaking across the border to take advantage of our universal health care!

  2. Free_My_Gumballs says:

    Do what you want to John, we’ll have women, free women, and we’ll have more than one generation while you die off from lack of reproductivity.

  3. Conservative Beaner says:


    I see your back spewing the same ignorance from another post.

    First we won’t just settle for the South. Many northern states would love to be aligned with Jesusland as say opposed to Obamaland. Illinois without Chicago, Nevada without Las Vegas and New York without NYC. We could also toss in norhern Maine since Southern Maine is just just an extension of Taxachusetts. Energy states like North and South Dakota, Wyoming which was the first state to give women the right to vote. Add the eastern parts of California, Oregon and Washington State.

    We’ll take Alaska, you can have Hawaii. Oh I forgot there are some Canadian Provinces that are not too happy about the big government liberals in Quebec and Ontario.

    To be fair you can have Eastern Virginia, they have gone big government anyway. South New York(formally known as Florida) since thats where all the retired New Yorkers go to die anyway. In Texas you can have Austin and parts of Houston and San Antonio.

    As far as the population we welcome all as well. Yeah we have our strong bible thumpers but we true conservatives believe in the Constitution and if a couple of guys want to poke each other in the stinkhole, go right ahead.

    As for Obamaland, Christians may not want to go there. Why would they live in a country populated by liberals, atheists and others who will persecute them for their beliefs. Also you may not want to invite some Muslims. The more radical ones will breed like rabbits and combined with the slow growth from other groups will mean the Muslims will be a big voting block and they will demand Sharia Law. With Sharia Law they may demand that all infidels convert to Islam, refusel will result in death or possibly enslavement. If you’re Gay you will want to move to Jesusland, you may get harrssed but you won’t get executed.

    If you think the medical care is better in Canada why not move there now. The problem is for Canadians and future Obamalanders is medical innovation will die due to high taxes and regulation on medical devices. If Canadian healthcare is so much better why did the Prime Minister of Newfoundland/Labrador come to America a few years ago to have heart surgery. If you ask a lot of Canadians who live near the US they might tell you they come to the America to get treated as opposed to waiting for treatment in Canada.

    Finally we will give you a corridor to move between the coasts that will handle all the foot traffic, yes I said foot traffic. In Obamaland fossil fuels will be banned for the masses and you will walk or bicycle to work and any travel. You will have high energy bills because you will have nothing but solar and wind power to provide energy for home and business although there won’t be much business since high energy costs will close their doors due to competition from Jesusland.

    Have a nice day in Obamaland

  4. Free_My_Gumballs says:

    OOHH SNAP!!!

  5. Trish Mac says:

    NICE one beaner! Looking forward to writing my address as “Jesusland” soon!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey gumballs, ya really think it’s John wearing a jeffrey hat? Sure sounds a lot like him, and I’d like to think john is still with us, in a spiritual and physical sense- he’d never be with us in political sense!!.

  6. Free_My_Gumballs says:

    Yes I do Trish. He has the same spiteful tone in his words and same illustrative ignorance. And he meanders from sentence to sentence.

  7. Jeffery says:

    Accusing contrary commenters of having multiple identities is a common conservablog meme. I’m sure a psychologist could explain why conservative extremists are so susceptible to conspiracy theories. It could be a distraction to avoid discussing issues.

    It could be a protective mechanism – conservatives may want to “limit” the number of progressives. In your cloistered world of conservablogs and FOX News you can still believe that most others think as you do (they don’t – conservative extremists only make up some 20% of the population).

  8. Conservative Beaner says:


    A couple of folks have fun calling you someone elses name and you get your panties all up in a knot, lighten up.

    With the NSA spying on citizens and the IRS targeting conservative groups, it’s not hard to be paranoid. Before you bring up progressive groups being targeted, they were only a fraction of the Conservative groups and they for the most part were approved.

    Once again your wrong about all Conservatives and Republicans acting in lockstep with each other. There’s a saying by someone I think it may be General Patton who said;

    If everyone in the room is thinking the same thing, then somebody is not thinking.

    Conservatives don’t need to limit progressives, they do that by themselves by having abortions and doing other stupid things.

    By the way, thanks for admitting who you are.

    Live long and prosper Jeff

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