Warmists Now Want “Climate Change” Added To Civil Rights Agenda

They really can’t help themselves. Now they’re trying to link the work Martin Luther King, Jr did to hotcoldwetdry

(Should climate change be added to the civil rights agenda?)

This week, tens of thousands of people from across America streamed into the nation’s capital to observe the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington — and Green for All was among them

We marched against the recent attack on voting rights. We demanded justice in the face of Stand Your Ground laws and racial profiling. We marched to raise awareness on unemployment, poverty, gun violence, immigration, and gay rights. And we called for action on climate change.

Chances are, when you think about civil rights, environmental issues aren’t on the radar screen. But stop and think about it. Remember Hurricane Katrina?

The hurricane that leveled New Orleans showed that severe weather in low-income neighborhoods and communities of colour is a matter of life and death. The images from the storm are hard to forget: bodies floating in water for days and thousands of people stranded without shelter, waiting for help that was too slow to come.

I remember a Democrat mayor and Democrat governor leaving the poor people in New Orleans to fend for themselves both before and after Katrina. I remember these poor people being so brainwashed that they made no attempt to escape N.O. prior to Katrina, because Government wasn’t assisting them.

Climate change isn’t just an environmental issue; it’s about keeping our communities safe. It’s a matter of justice. Because when it comes to disasters — from extreme temperatures to storms like Katrina — people of colour are consistently hit first and worst.

What this article does is provide more proof that “climate change” is not science, but part of the Far Left political agenda.

We have work to do to make sure more people of color have access to the opportunities created by responding to climate change. But if we are successful, we will help create a world where our kids can breathe clean air and drink clean water; where we’re safe and resilient in the face of storms; where more of us share in the nation’s prosperity.

This is Dr. King’s dream reborn. And fighting climate change helps get us there.

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3 Responses to “Warmists Now Want “Climate Change” Added To Civil Rights Agenda”

  1. john says:

    Heckava Job Brownie !!
    Teach in criminal defense the defense you use when you have no other is BLAME THE VICTIM.

    Should the mayor and govenor done abetter job? of course. BUT all Americans should asa last resort be able to rely on the federal Government. FEMA failed miserably in its job . All Americans were shocked that they could not rely on the federal government. Bush should have fired the Commanding General at Fort Polk for refusing to allow storm refugees sqanctuary. He should have commandered every helicopter in the south east to fly to New Orleans.
    When local governments fail to function Americans should be able to rely on DC.

  2. david7134 says:

    john, once again you have out done yourself with a lack of knowledge of a situation. The mayor of NO was a nut, much like Obama. He did nothing to get the people out of town despite warnings that a class 5 hurricane was coming his way. Remember the pictures of the school buses ruined in the water. Then there was our great governor. She was brain dead and put every obstacle in the way of people trying to help. Are you aware that just about every boat owner in the area attempted to help the people but were prevented in their effort by Fish and Game and other state and Federal agencies because they did not have enough life preservers or were not trained in any of the various Federal courses, like sensitivity to the other sex and race? This is true. Then we have the sad fact that a certain race of people that needed help were firing guns at the rescuers. This was down played by the media and many said it did not happen, but then I was there.

    Then we have the example of Hugo. The hurricane the destroyed Lake Charles and surrounding area. These people were even poorer than the ones in NO. But they were white and they did not want the government to help and kept them out, and you did not see them incapacitated and unable to do for themselves as they picked up what they had and got to work.

    The Feds did try to help. After all, they collected many truck loads of ice and kept them for weeks, not be able to get it into the city. Only thing, why do you need ice in an emergency? Your food is destroyed. There is nothing to cool. But every time we have a hurricane, we have ice. Then there are the mobile homes. These cost of fortune. Why not a tent? The worthless people that stay in the mobile home destroy them and take anything of value and sell it. Then they want another home.

    I could go on, but the fact is that our response to issues is a joke and only goes to enrich political buddies.

  3. Wonderful_Gumballs says:

    Writer needs to pick a spelling of “color\colour” and stick with it.

    All this is is more socialist clap-trap for changing our nation from one of self-reliance\self-determination\self-growth to one of nanny state and big brother.

    Why are the poor hardest hit during storms? BECAUSE THEY ARE POOR!!!

    Many in NO did not have insurance on their old homes. Many of the old homes were not built using today’s storm-proof standards. Thus, most any kind of storm would have wiped them away.

    And, anyone who relies on a far away government to tell them when to leave, and to come get them to take them to safety are already lost.

    You don’t see people in Tornado Alley waiting on the feds to come and build them their tornado shelters. They do that on their own.

    If you don’t know to get out of the way of a hurricane, then you deserve what you get. You have more warning time with a hurricane than you do with tornados, yet fewer people nowadays die from tornados than hurricanes.

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