Surprise: Several Liberal Groups Enraged Over Border Control Provisions

Liberal and pro-amnesty groups must surely know that the border control provisions in the Democrat Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill will, for the most part, be ignored, especially by the current far-left administration. Just like happened when the last amnesty was passed. Just like with much of the border control legislation passed in 2006 (which was also watered-down by Congress). And surely they understand that if this legislation passes, there’s not a chance in hell that a Republican president will be elected in 2016, with Conservatives sitting at home. But, what we do know is that they want to keep the train of illegals crossing the border

(USA Today) A “border surge” plan approved by the Senate on Wednesday to attract conservatives worried about border security has enraged liberal groups, with one even withdrawing its support for the bill. of Berkeley, Calif., has supported the Senate bill that allows the nation’s 11 million unauthorized immigrants to get U.S. citizenship. But it says the bill has been tainted by the proposed flood of Border Patrol agents to secure the southwest border.

The group said the added presence of thousands more Border Patrol agents, fencing and surveillance technology will militarize border communities and make the legal, cross-border traffic even harder to maintain.

They state that they cannot support this bill with the (mule fritters) border control provisions “in good conscience”. Presente is yet another far left progressive organization based on open borders, linked to union groups, MoveOn, and many others. Their statement, which was the basis of the USA Today article opening, is even worse then the paper positions

As advocates for immigrant rights, we cannot, in good conscience, lend our credibility and support to a bill that will not legalize 11 million people and leave millions out of a pathway to citizenship, a promise that has been the foundation for our support to begin with. At the same time, we cannot support a bill that is also guaranteed to increase death and destruction in immigrant life through increased militarization of the border.

Recent reports, including a study of the legislation by the Congressional Budget Office, make clear that, as designed, S. 744 will deny the possibility of securing citizenship and legal status to many. Millions of immigrants will be left vulnerable and in fear of deportation for the rest of their lives.

The legislation as amended by Corker-Hoeven, and even the original, would deny certain illegals the ability to obtain legal status. Illegals like gangbangers (unless they “renounce” their affiliation), those which have at least 2 DUIs on record and commit another after the day the legislation is enacted, murderers, rapists, and any illegal with a felony on their record, along with others, including those which cross the border after the bill is signed into law. does like this. Even though the Secretary of DHS can effectively waive much of the language barring legalization. Presente wants all illegals legalized. Period. Regardless as to what kind of people they might be. called the amendment “disappointing” because it “wastes billions of taxpayer dollars” while making the road to citizenship even more difficult for the nation’s unauthorized immigrants. 18 Million Rising, an advocacy group for Asian and Pacific Islanders in the USA, said the billions of dollars spent on the “militarization” of the border are better spent on infrastructure, education and social services.

Strange, MoveOn didn’t seem to have a problem with the $850 billion wasted on Stimulus. And they don’t seem to understand that if they are “unauthorized” they should not be in the United States. But, I can see that leftist groups have come up with their talking points regarding border control, ie, “militarization”. Thanks, John McCain.

CREDO Action is also against the bill due to the border control provisions. Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform which opposes any amnesty, notes that

..the groups are laying the groundwork for cutting back on the enforcement provisions in the bill after it becomes law. He said “from the moment the president’s signature is dry on the bill” the groups would lobby to get the administration and Congress to scale back the border security portions of the bill.

This will be a repeat of 1986 if passed, then we’ll have to deal with the same thing in 20 years. The rule of law is dead.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU.

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2 Responses to “Surprise: Several Liberal Groups Enraged Over Border Control Provisions”

  1. Illegals_Gumballs says:

    So, now we see their true wishes – outright amnesty and legalization.

  2. john says:

    conservatives always seem sad now.

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