Hooray! Met Office To Proclaim All Weather As “Climate Change”

Well, Warmists have pretty much made every weather event, including snow and cold, as the result of greenhouse gases, particularly CO2 (via Climate Depot through the k2p blog)

(UK Guardian) Washout summers. Flash floods. Freezing winters. Snow in May. Droughts. There is a growing sense that something is happening to our weather. But is it simply down to natural variability, or is climate change to blame?

To try to answer the question the Met Office is hosting an unprecedented meeting of climate scientists and meteorologists next week to debate the possible causes of the UK’s “disappointing” weather over recent years, the Guardian has learned.

Tuesday’s meeting at the forecaster’s HQ in Exeter is being convened in response to this year’s cool spring, which, according to official records, was the coldest in 50 years.

The “roundtable workshop” will attempt to outline the “dynamical drivers of the cold spring of 2013”, but attendees are expected also to debate the “disappointing summers of the last seven years”.

Official records show that above-average temperatures in summer last occurred in 2006, a season that had above-average sunshine hours, and below-average rainfall. The only summer since then to give us average conditions nationally was in 2010.

The meeting will also discuss the washout summer of 2012 and the freezing winter of 2010-11.

Who wants to place a bet that the result is that cool springs and summers and freaking cold winters will be blamed on Someone Else driving fossil fueled vehicles? the k2p blog writes

But rather than admit that climate models have become a fiasco, it would seem that the “establishment” is now “circling the wagons” and rationalising to be able to connect all weather events to “man-made climate change” – defined as being anything over and above “natural variability”. Why would the “natural variability” of just the last 150 years be the benchmark. Why would the Little Ice Age or the Roman Warm Period or the Medieval Warm Period not be part of the “natural variability” to be used as the reference? If the flood levels in Germany this spring reached the same level in Passau 500 years ago, why wouldn’t the weather/climate of 500 years ago also be part of “natural variability”?

The models are crap. They don’t work. They fail in retrospect. Here’s what Dr. Roy Spencer found

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4 Responses to “Hooray! Met Office To Proclaim All Weather As “Climate Change””

  1. Changing_Gumballs says:

    As I sit here, eating my global climate change pizza, and seeing the casual global climate change rain fall outside my window, I anticipate that the sun and humidity arising after this global climate change event will be due to global climate change.

    And, based on the predictions of the global climate change models, I also know that our daily global climate change temps will skyrocket till the global climate change temps will boil this earth like molten global climate change iron in a global climate changed boiling earth.

    I anticipate that global climate change temps will continue to increase until the global climate change temps are increased.

  2. Dana says:

    Dude, it’s settled science!

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