Democrat Led Senate To Take Up Bad Weather Prevetion Tax

Here it comes

(The Hill) A Senate panel will begin consideration of a carbon tax bill as part of a broader hearing on climate change in mid-July.

Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairwoman Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) told reporters in the Capitol on Thursday that Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) climate bill will surface during that hearing.

Boxer has said she wants to get the legislation to the floor this summer. But it faces a tough path in the Senate, and is likely dead on arrival in the GOP-controlled House.

At this point, I really have no faith that the Republicans in the Senate nor the GOP controlled House will block this. I’m hopeful, but that’s about it. And this could be a huge issue to gain back the discussion. Look towards Queensland, Australia, where the ruling Labor Party, which forced the passage of the nation’s cap and tax bill, was completely and utterly destroyed during their 2012 elections, to the point where Labor holds so few seats that they aren’t considered a recognized Party. The Aussie government has taken measures to ban free speech regarding their cap and tax program.

Now, this links in to the post below that I wrote Thursday, but never made it around to posting, which highlights exactly how well all this cap and tax, er, trade works. Rather than posting separately, I added the above, which provides context

Sorry, California’s, the Democrats in charge of the government aren’t really concerned if you experience bad weather (via Tom Nelson, who used a different link)

(KQED) The budget deal finalized by Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders Monday night borrows $500 million from California’s cap-and-trade auction revenues, as Brown proposed last month.

The Brown administration’s argument for borrowing the funds: temporarily diverting auction revenue to the general fund gives the state more time to come up with effective programs to improve environmental quality and lower carbon emissions. California has already raised more than $260 million from auctioning off carbon emission rights.

Environmental groups say there are plenty of worthy clean energy projects to spend the money on during the coming fiscal year, but Brown defended the move during a Tuesday afternoon press conference.  “Yeah, we’re borrowing the money,” he said. “We do that with a number of funds. We don’t think we’re quite ready yet, and this is a reasonable accommodation.”

Absolutely no one should be surprised that the money is not being used as intended: cap and tax is essentially a government slush fund designed to deal with the short-falls from all the other Big Government programs, which means that they will eventually need more money from We The People to pay for all the Bad Weather prevention programs Warmists want.

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2 Responses to “Democrat Led Senate To Take Up Bad Weather Prevetion Tax”

  1. Hypocrit_Gumballs says:

    Everyone knows that when you increase taxes and fees on EVERYTHING that is purchased, then that affects the GLOBAL temperature and amount of carbon in the GLOBAL atmosphere.

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