Who Knew iHeart Radio Used So Much Data?

And why didn’t they tell me? You might wonder about my lack of response to comments the past few days. There are certainly days were I cannot comment much during the day, due to real life and work. Of the past 4 days it’s been due to having almost nothing left in my 2.5GB data plan. Use of iHeart radio for about 3-4 hours used almost 700mb of data, so, right now I’m sitting at 2.41gb, which has to last through Friday, the last day of my billing cycle.

And the WiFi at work stinks, like so many open source ones do. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, and doesn’t reach deep into the building where I tend to be.

I use the Radio.com app a lot, especially to listen to Devil’s games, and have never come close like this. Oh, well, one lives and learns.

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2 Responses to “Who Knew iHeart Radio Used So Much Data?”

  1. Used_Up_Gumballs says:

    Use of iHeart radio for about 3-4 hours used almost 700mb of data

    Is that for each day? DANG!!! I use iHeart alot as well. Granted, not on cell plan. But I use it at office and have wondered why it buffered so much…. this explains it. Too much data coming down for all those commercials and adverts.

  2. It was mostly from creating custom stations (Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, 38 Special, and many others), rather than listening to radio stations. I’ll listen to 106.1 talk radio maybe 40 minutes a week at most when walking to the chinese place near work (it takes just as long to walk to parking lot to get car and drive there), but never seemed to use that much data. Heck, during hockey season I probably listen to the NJ Devils radio station using Radio.com at least 3-4 hours a month, surely more, and never had this problem.

    Right now I’m at 2.47gb. Gotta survive the day.

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