Obama Coming To North Carolina To Announce Free Money For Educational Unions

Well, that’s not his stated goal, but it’s what it amounts too

(News and Observer) President Barack Obama is expected to unveil a plan to connect nearly every U.S. classroom to high-speed Internet while he’s in Mooresville on Thursday.

The plan would expand broadband and wireless access to 99 percent of the country’s schools over the next five years, the White House said. It would use money already budgeted and would not require authorization or approval by Congress.

Are there actually schools in the country which do not have Internet access? There might be a tiny amount, statistically insignificant. And, there might be a small amount that do not have it in the classroom, because teachers and schools might want kids paying attention instead of ….hey, this is funny…where was I? Oh, yes, the want kids (and employees) to stop cruising and looking at inappropriate websites. This seems more like a way to hook up schools with some of that sweet, sweet taxpayer money, paying back the teacher’s unions.

The goal is to boost graduation rates and turn out students more prepared for tech-related careers.

Which is strange, because most of Obama’s work plans tend to revolve around blue collar jobs like paving roads and painting bridges. How often does he push “infrastructure”?

Oh, and then he flies across the country for yet another fundraiser. Followed by a speech on health care so he can say that the trip was government business and won’t have to reimburse the taxpayers for the flight.

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6 Responses to “Obama Coming To North Carolina To Announce Free Money For Educational Unions”

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  2. Reg Conservative says:

    So how many other Billions are laying around unspent? sequester ?

  3. Spend_The_Gumballs says:

    Amen Reg.
    Why is this money sitting around when we have dying national park parking lot enforcers being laid off????

    And .. I’d rather see schools UNWIRED from the internet. I don’t see a reason for it. Except for when teachers want to take a few weeks off of doing their job and having a NEA approved UN-based teaching program play on an HD LED TV set.

    why doesn’t he go to a food shelter or the newly homeless in Moore, OK and say, hey, we got some extra money laying around that has no red tape whatsoever attached to it. We could give this to you guys and help out alot of really needy people.

    Nope. He has to fly across the country in a very expensive jaunt burning tons of carbon and tell people what he “plans” to do for no one.

  4. john says:

    He just was out at Moore OK It just wqasn’t covere3d much by Fox so some people never learned about it

  5. john says:

    well of course there are not many schools that have zero internet. BUT there are many many schools that are not in a wifi bubble, the internet is available only in the computer lab. That is the way it is in MOST schools in the USA. The more advanced schools are already doing away with expensive paper text books (about 50-70 dollars each and going with Apple iPads.
    Course this is mostly for the schools that serve the better off students.
    The right wing is always whiney about schools, not that any of them are offering to become teachers

  6. Spend_The_Gumballs says:

    John, Obama’s visit to Moore was covered by all media. You lose again.

    And, conservatives want spending for education cut to normative levels. Not increase spending expanding a wifi bubble as you say so people can play on their Ipads when they have a perfectly good computer lab. And for those districts who are using iPads, there is a central IT shop that is prepping them for the students each year. IT doesn’t happen at the schools.

    Once again, … thinking is hard for you isn’t it.

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