Chris Matthews: “President Should Do Whatever It Takes To Stop Terrorism”

I was flabbergasted when I heard this the first time

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Boiling it down:

“I try to ask in matters like this a simple question: if we are hit, and it comes out that the president had the ability and authority to take action that could have prevented the attack, what would the critics justifiably say then? What would you say if you knew our leaders failed to do something they could done and didn’t?”

Hmm, so when it was Bush in charge, and there were programs like waterboarding stone cold terrorists (such as KSM), international wiretapping and surveillance, rendition, Gitmo, etc, Progressives like Matthews had a conniption fit. When it was suggested that we profile people who could be terrorists coming from terrorist supporting nations, they were apoplectic. Look at mosques where radicals are known to gather? How dare you!!!!!!!! Bush is using the Constitution as toilet paper!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine the outcry from the Left if Bush had decided to put armed troops in US airports (would have been illegal) or asked the states to put National Guard troops in airports pre-9/11 and profiled Middle Eastern looking men?

But now that Obama is president, hey, anything goes. Because, like, you can totally trust Obama and the government. They’d never do something like record your conversations on buses. Or data mine 9 different Internet service providers, collecting and storing data, including full communications. Collecting records of calls.

Anyone think Chris will change his tune when he finds out he’s been surveilled by Big Brother?

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One Response to “Chris Matthews: “President Should Do Whatever It Takes To Stop Terrorism””

  1. john says:

    The NSA has been tracking domestic calls since 2006. I guess when Bush gave that Executive Order conservatives must have thought it was OK
    It was the liberals who were against giving the POTUS all that power

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