IRS Agents State That Orders Came From D.C.

And are upset that they are being blamed for doing what they were told to do

(UK Daily Mail) Interviews with IRS employees have established that the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the Internal Revenue Service was engaged in targeting tea party groups and other conservative organizations for unfair levels of scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status.

Rep. Darrel lssa, chairman of powerful House Committee of Oversight and Government Reform, made that startling announcement on CNN Sunday morning.

‘As late as last week,’ he said, ‘the [Obama] administration was still trying to say the [IRS targeting scandal] was from a few rogue agents in Cincinnati, when in fact the indication is that they were directly being ordered from Washington.’

How’d he come up with that statement?

A committee spokesman sent MailOnline partial transcripts of two interviews with unnamed IRS workers about the agency’s actions in early 2010, on whose testimony Issa based his bombshell statement.

One of those interviewees said it was ‘impossible’ for a few IRS agents to have orchestrated such widespread partisan targeting on their own.

‘Did [your supervisor] give you any indication of the need for the search [for tea party groups], any more context?’ one IRS witness was asked in a closed-door interview.

‘He told me that Washington, D.C., wanted some cases,’ came the reply.

The employee, who said he or she was evaluating 40 such applications for tax-exempt status from conservative organizations at the time, said ‘some went to Washington. D.C. … I sent seven.’

Cases were being requested from D.C.

Asked whether the problem ‘was originated in and contained in the Cincinnati office,’ as some Obama administration officials in Washington have claimed, the agent replied that ‘I still hear people saying we were low level employees, so we were lower than dirt, according to people in D.C. So, take it for what it is.’

‘They were basically throwing us underneath the bus.’

‘[W]e didn’t do anything wrong,’ the agent said, according to the partial transcript. ‘We followed directions based on other people telling us what to do.’

Sadly, these employees didn’t blow the whistle back when this started, but, then, most often low level employees are concerned about retaliation when they blow the whistle on upper levels, as well as worrying that no one at the upper levels will listen. The question for now is “will they blow the lid off this scandal?”

More at Scared Monkeys, The Gateway Pundit, protein wisdom, and Wake Up America (which has a partial transcript)

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9 Responses to “IRS Agents State That Orders Came From D.C.”

  1. john says:

    Teach you do realize that the IRS is civil service and that both the Commissioner and the Head of the Tax Exempt Division were appointed by Bush. They were not Obama’s people.

  2. Sweatin'_To_The_Gumballs says:

    So john, does that mean you don’t want them punished, if that is true? You gotta link for those suppositions?

    Why are you against seeing corruption cleaned out of Congress and DC? Is it because your corrupt little mind sees nothing wrong with it, despite who put who in to which office?

    I hope you are comfortable in your dark, dank little basement world. Out here in the real world, DC’s corruption and cronyism hurts us economically and constitutionally.

    When people break the laws, and do so feeling that they are above the law, and slime like you give them cover through inane excuses, the whole country suffers. It becomes a cancer in the life-blood of our nation, eating it out from the inside. Soon, the sickness will be endemic and the only cure will be to metastasize it.

  3. john says:

    The Daily Mail is A JOKE
    !Speaking to CNN on Sunday, Issa had said that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) practice of improperly scrutinizing the tax-exempt status of conservative groups had been “ordered from Washington.” But under questioning from CNN host Candy Crowley, the California Republican admitted that his evidence was “totally not definitive.”

  4. john says:

    well I guess I want them to be fairly judged before being punished.
    Do you want them tried before or after being punished?

  5. Who gives a flying fuck who appointed them, John? But, to use the talking points you leftards used while Bush was in office “who’s president now?” Barack H Obama. Buck stops at his desk.

    I’m getting the feeling that you condone and applaud the behavior by the IRS, John. Remember, what goes around comes around, so, if they start targeting Liberals at some point, you can’t complain.

    “Not definitive”. That’s why they are holding hearings.

  6. Gumballs_Brains says:

    Give me the video link john that shows him stating that answer to Crowley’s question.

    And yes john, that is why we are ranting, we want these political hacks to be investigated to determine if there has been any wrongdoing, and if as many believe, there has been then a trial and arrests should be made.

    But you note john, in the real world, arrests are usually made before investigations are conducted. Arrests are made on suspicions of wrongdoing.

    Who arrests the wrongdoers when the wrongdoers are the DOJ and the IRS? (the EPA, the DHS, the HHS… etc)

    If you want them fairly judged then why are you excusing them? Why are you trying to deflect blame on an administration gone for over 5 years?

    Everyone of these responsible parties are political appointments. From Holder all the way down in the leadership section. If Bush appointed them, who cares. If he kept a reign on them then he and his other political appointed leaders did their jobs.

    But you ignore the most glaring aspect of this johnny boy. When Obama took office adn took the oath of office, he accepted all responsibility for his position, his action, and the actions of those he appoints. He accepted the appointing of those people in those political positions. And it was under his authority, or his watch, that this lack of supervision at best, to outright Executive harassment and lying at worst, occurred.

  7. david7134 says:

    Do you realize how stupid you appear when you say that everyting is associated with Bush? Conservative had a big problem with him. Most, like me, considered that he had to great talents, he was not Gore and he was not Kerry. It does point up the problem that conservative have as one of the main reasons he attracted attention was that he gave lip service to anti-aboriton efforts. I could give a flip about abortion. But think that this points to a problem that conservatives have with the issue and how it allows scum like Bush to get into high office. For that matter, the same goes for his liberal appointment of Roberts to the bench on the premise that he was anti-abortion. And, once again, select conservatives groups thought that was great. Now we learn that Roberts is a communist, just like your bud Obama.

    So, if you are going to take non-thinking positions, like you frequently do. Consider making yourself appear a little more intelligent by not pulling out Bush.

    Then think of this, when you say this is secondary to a Bush appointment. Then you are saying that Obama is an incompetent due to not appointing better people into key positions. But incompetence is the fall back postion for everything that happens in this administration.

  8. Sweatin'_To_The_Gumballs says:

    But incompetence is the fall back position for everything that happens in this administration.

    Which is also an impeachable offense, I believe.

  9. UncleDan says:

    John, when Bush appoints a guy to any department and that guy goes bad, then that guy has to leave. Same for Obama. Now if Bush appoints a guy and that guy goes bad during Obama’s term, that guy has to leave. If Obama appoints a guy and that guy goes bad during Obama’s or the next president’s term, that guy has to leave.
    Do you see the pattern here? This is BEYOND political parties as far as who appointed the guy/girl going bad. However, the guy/girl going bad only chose one party to go after – the Republicans/Conservatives.

    Good God, how much more do I have to explain this to you? Take off your goddamned Left wing blinders and look at the truth for once.

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