Minor Budget Cuts And Hotcoldwetdry Doom America This Hurricane Season

Like, super duper doomed!!!!!1!!!!, per Soros funded Climate Progress

How Climate Change And Budget Cuts Could Make This The Most Dangerous Hurricane Season Ever

The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins tomorrow and despite warnings of an above-average season and increasingly intense storms driven by climate change, key agencies are facing mandatory cuts that threaten their ability to prepare and protect at-risk communities.

Don’t you find it interesting that so much of Warmist propaganda syncs perfectly with the Far Left Progressive notion of bigger and bigger government and bigger and bigger spending? Add treating citizens like children who need Government to tell them what to do.

In addition, climate change is fueling more intense and destructive storms. As Kerry Emanuel, professor of atmospheric science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explains, “Climate change is causing a greater number of intense storms. The total number of storms has remained constant, but the proportion of high-intensity events has gone steadily upward in most parts of the world. Scientific models and real-world observations both suggest that the frequency of intense storms is going up.”

Really? Not only is the US not seeing more intense hurricanes (no Cat 3 has hit the continental US since Wilma in October 2005, 2,777 days), we aren’t see them around the world. It’s been business as usual. In some cases, much less.

The National Weather Service, already cash-strapped and under scrutiny for sub-par computer modeling, will be grappling with a hiring freeze and mandatory furloughs as it heads into a potentially daunting hurricane season. The NWS office in Tallahassee, which typically has 18 meteorologists on staff, is down to 14 due to the cuts.

Oh, noes, 4 less? The horror! Must be tough looking at computers with 4 less employees.

And, of course, Superstorm Sandy is blamed on “climate change”. Warmists can’t help themselves.

Watts Up With That? has some thoughts on the current period of hurricane drought.

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6 Responses to “Minor Budget Cuts And Hotcoldwetdry Doom America This Hurricane Season”

  1. Windy_Gumballs says:

    Oh noes.. the bigwigs at NWS are going to have to go get their coffee themselves and prepare their own sandwiches.

  2. john says:

    Did you say “super doomed” just before that overhyped Sandy hit?

  3. john says:

    I can rememberer when some climate change deniers were saying that Sandy was “overhyped”

    • UncleDan says:

      So one hurricane means the world is ending? Um, sorry, but you WILL see a nasty hurricane with severe damage from time to time. They are… hurricanes, you know. And so much for all the predictions of a record number of hurricanes and tornadoes, and all the nonsense that goes with it. The fact is that despite what you alarmists say, we have a natural weather system that is DYNAMIC, not static. Temperatures will go up/down. Storms will come/go. Glaciers will come/go. Things… happen. Blaming it on Capitalism and America and Pat Robertson and Reagan and Palin and corporations and big oil is just not going to work. Every prediction you made decades ago has been wrong… wrong… WRONG.
      Now go do something that really IS useful for the planet – start a garden, start composting, start recycling, clean up pollution, do YOUR part at YOUR home, stay out of OUR business, don’t tell us what we can and can’t do.
      And leave US alone.

  4. UncleDan says:

    William Teach is right: You environmentalist wackos really are nuts. Hot/cold/wet/dry/storms/no storms – no matter what it is, it’s the end of the world. In the late fifties/early sixties, it was Silent Spring. Didn’t happen. Then in the seventies it was glaciers. Didn’t happen. Then in the eighties it was corporate pollution and disease outbreaks and death everywhere in a ruined world. Didn’t happen. Then came the nineties – global warming. Ooops! Got colder, so you switched gears to the all-purpose ‘climate change’. And here we are: hot/cold/wet/dry – it’s all bad. Because you’d have us believe that nature is static and stays within the bounds YOU set for it, never changing, never getting to extremes from time to time. Despite billions of years of evidence that nature is absolutely dynamic and the earth goes through tremendous changes from time to time. Sorry, but you got busted pretty bad when Climategate blew up in your faces. That was pretty nasty stuff you guys were up to – manipulating data, trying to drive anyone who disagreed with you out of the science community by keeping their papers from being published, lying to the public, and colluding against us all – for profits and power. You so-called environmentalists are liars and criminals and worst of all, you’re a bunch of dirty hypocrites.

  5. Balls_of_Fire says:

    heh.. i love to see a lovely destruction in the morning.

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