Nevada Looks To Protect You From The Evils Of Walking And Texting

Just another law to protect you from you

(KTVN) Using your cell phone without a hands free device while driving has been illegal in Nevada for more than a year.

Assembly Bill 123 could take the law one step further.

If passed, the bill would make it illegal for pedestrians to read, browse the Internet, or text on wireless devices, if they’re crossing any state road, even in residential areas.

If approved, violators would get a warning for their first offense. A second offense comes with a $100 fine, and a third would be $250.

Hey, if we can save just one life, we should pass the law protecting people from being complete and utter dimwits and putting themselves in harms way. Some interviewed are against this law, some who love the notion of Big Government controlling ever manner of their lives love the law.

A couple points: 1st, I’m usually against the notion of “spreading awareness” campaigns, but it would make a whole lot more sense to use resources to show, and tell, people what fools they are when they text without situational awareness, including video of people getting hit by cars in crosswalks, rather than waste law enforcement time giving warnings for being stupid. There are some videos out there.

Second, this is criminalizing stupidity and controlling people’s lives. When you hear Conservatives discuss attempting to reduce Big Government, this is one of the things we’re talking about, in that Government insinuates itself in every aspect of our lives.

Third, of you’re going to do this, slap a real fine for the first offense. Because, on the flip side of controlling people’s lives, if someone gets hit in a crosswalk wall texting they will cause damage to someone’s motor vehicle, affecting someone else. But let’s not forget that the texter is being a dumbass when crossing with traffic coming in the first place.

It’s still the Big Hand Of Government at work, though.

Just for reference, there are apps for iPhone and Android that allow the devices to use the camera so that people can text while walking. Some even allow people to Tweet and post to Facebook. Alas, I’ve also seen asshats use these apps while driving.

Ft. Lee, NJ, has enacted similar legislation. No mention as to whether or not it’s actually working.

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5 Responses to “Nevada Looks To Protect You From The Evils Of Walking And Texting”

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  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    Please tell me how this is even enforceable? I’m sorry, but just because you think you can pass a law, does not mean you are allowed to, or is advisable to.

    So, we are dictating, in public spaces where people can use their personal, private, communication devices? Does this mean, bluetooth devices too? How about google-glasses? How about just writing a note? How about listening to an audio book?

    I’d bet a vast majority of laws passed are not constitutional, but we people don’t have the resources or time to contest.

    For example: Are ANY gun laws\bans Constitutional? When the 2nd Amendment mentions “NECESSARY” and “RIGHT”, how can that be abridged?

  3. Enforceable schmooresable. Doesn’t matter. It’s passing a law to protect you from yourself that matters, the appearance of Doing Something.

  4. john says:

    What next from the nanny state ? mandatory seat belts ? special car seats for kids? making kids ride in the back seat ? safety features on cars ? And who is going to enforce these crazy laws?

  5. Gumball_Brains says:

    I agree there John.. those are crazy stupid laws. No reason for them and its just another example of over-reaching socialist nanny state.

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