Woman Triple Dog Dares Boyfriend To Come Up With Creative Marriage Proposal

Ladies, be careful what you wish for

(The Blaze) When 26-year-old Nir Shamir decided he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Sara Tushinski, he brainstormed how he might surprise her. You see, she recently hinted to him that if he had any surprises up his sleeve, she’d figure them out. Perceptive as she might be, Sara didn’t know what was heading her way.

With the help of some friends who work as security guards in the Jewish settlement of Oranit, Nir engineered an arrest, an interrogation and the accusation of a hit-and-run accident which would have freaked out even the most cool-headed partner.

And it did freak her out, tears were involved, however, she did say yes in the end. Plus, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, we can expect Nir to pay for this again and again during what is hopefully a long and loving marriage.

Make sure to read the whole story to see just how intricate and involved the plan was, which required asking the Israeli Defense Ministry for permission.

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