Obama Decides To Restart The Fight With Religious Institutions Regarding Mandate

Many in the Legacy Media are hailing the new proposed rule regarding religious institutions and contraception, and only ones who hold weekly services, mind you, as super crazy awesome, which highlight how super crazy awesome Obama is. The Lightbringer! Everntually they quietly get around to mentioning that religious institutions aren’t happy with the new rule, which acts more like a shell game. Interestingly, Politico performs a random act of journalism and highlights the reality

President Barack Obama wasn’t looking for another fight with religious groups when the administration attempted Friday to clarify its birth control mandate.

But he got one anyway.

The change was meant to help quell a wave of lawsuits by providing guidance on which employers are exempt and how exactly they would meet the mandate without violating their conscience, according to close observers of the process.

To leaders of some religious and conservative (WT: there are some Obama/Democrat donors and supporters, too) groups challenging the policy, though, it was the latest example of an administration that’s struggled to relate to them just not getting it.

The Faith & Freedom Coalition called it “window dressing and more of the same.” The Catholic Association tagged it “just another accounting gimmick.” The Judicial Crisis Network described it as “no solution at all.”

Life News has a long article on Pro-Life groups blasting the mule fritters revisions. What this “revision” does is allow certain exempted religious institutions to use a 3rd party to provide and pay for the contraceptives, sterilizations, and abortifacients. Simple a game.

A senior administration official said the White House didn’t expect to suddenly assuage leaders of the religious community. The proposed new rules — which included broadening the definition of which institutions were exempt — were aimed more at strengthening the administration’s hand in court than winning over the Catholic and other religious groups that objected to the Obamacare provision, the official said.

And there you go, Team Obama doesn’t care about the Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion, they just want attempt to set themselves in a better place when they are sued.

It comes down to something simple: who would be paying for these “3rd party plans”? And wouldn’t it simply make more sense to use that money to purchase contraceptives? It’s not like condoms and birth control pills are expensive.

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2 Responses to “Obama Decides To Restart The Fight With Religious Institutions Regarding Mandate”

  1. Brian says:

    Hearing Fox News report this story and then hearing the liars at MSNBC report this story was like hearing two different stories about two completely different issues, a seque to which is that, in a similar vein …,

    Although the panelists on MSNBC aren’t too bright, clearly they were astute enough today to recognize that Chuck Hagle’s only qualification to become Secretary Of Defense is that he is as much as of a chronic screw-up as all of the members of the Obama Administration are, and, therefore, he will fit right in with them, and yet, and yet to my dismay each and every single one of the slimy panelists on MSNBC came up with the most irrational, the most disingenuous, the most illogical and the most bizarre rationales imaginable to reinforce their own delusions and to convince their viewets that Hagle is not unfit for the job.

    I was incredulous. They are the Energizer Bunnies of liars; i.e., they just kept going and going and going, embellishing on lies with more and more lies with every story that they reported.

  2. Brian says:

    should have been
    segue, not seque

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