Hotcoldwetdry A “Threat To Wildlife”

I truly love how climate astrologist immediately abandon all the principles of Darwinism when it comes to “climate change”

(USA Today)  From birds in the Plains to bighorn sheep in California to caribou in Alaska and moose in Minnesota, a new study says animals are struggling to adapt to the new climate conditions caused by the burning of fossil fuels, which produces the carbon dioxide that warms the atmosphere.

Because nothing else produces CO2 but fossil fueled vehicles, typically used to deliver dead tree copies of the USA Today.

“Climate change is the biggest threat wildlife will face this century,” says the report released today by the National Wildlife Federation, an environmental group based in Reston, Va.

Animals have always adapted to changes in climate. Heck, the little birdies in the Galapagos quickly adapt their beak lengths depending on whether it is a dry or wet year. This is nothing new. And some that can’t adapt die out. That’s the nature of life on Earth

Though animals have adapted to natural climate variation since the beginning of time, the changes are happening much faster than they are able to respond. “The underlying climatic conditions to which species have been accustomed for thousands of years are rapidly changing, and we are already witnessing the impacts,” according to the report, called “Wildlife in a Warming World.”

Aaaand, there we go, a way to say this is unusual. Even though you look back during this interglacial and see that when the climate switched either to warm or cool, it happened quickly. The Little Ice Age came on very fast. Animals survived.

The federation says the warning is not based on computer simulations of what could happen to wildlife: “The evidence is that it’s happening right here and right now.” says climate scientist Amanda Staudt of the wildlife federation. She says that many animal and plant species are shifting their ranges to colder locales and that these shifts are taking place two to three times faster than scientists anticipated.

That surely happened during the previous warm periods, and they surely moved to other locales when it became much cooler. How does the federation know exactly where the correct spot for the wildlife is? Perhaps they evolved in those “cooler locales”? And still the Warmists won’t change their own behavior.

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