Warmist: It’s Difficult To Prove Extreme Weather From Climate Change, I’ll Still Do It

They really can’t help themselves. Here we have Jonathan Allen: Opinion: Climate change, Earth’s warming air make hurricanes more violent

Following Hurricane Sandy, The Times published several articles and op-eds suggesting that the storm and other extreme weather events are likely due to climate change. The most recent was by fellow physicist Rep. Rush Holt (“A new normal: Plan wisely against tempests to come,” Dec. 20). In it, he warned of more such onslaughts in the future.

While it would be difficult to prove that any specific weather event was irrefutably due to climate change, the extraordinary rise in extreme weather events is very difficult to explain without invoking the increased atmospheric heating, as a near-doubling of carbon dioxide enhances the Earth’s greenhouse effect.

So, he can’t prove it, but, he’ll still blame mankind. Strangely, Jonathan fails to tell us how he’s given up his fossil fueled lifestyle and gone “carbon neutral”. Furthermore, as I write again and again, if one is using the phrase “climate change”, they aren’t interested in science but in politics.

But, there is no “rise in extreme weather events.” There’s simply the weather. Some years will be worse then others for certain factors. And, with the rise of satellites, the spread of cameras, radar, the Internet, people, weather events will be more noticeable than 100 years ago. Just 50 years ago there were much fewer hurricanes named because they weren’t getting near land, and the only way to know would have been if a ship passed near or through one. Some years will have bad tornado outbreaks, some won’t. There is always something going on with the weather.

Fortunately the article provides a handy dandy visual of what world killing CO2 looks like

So, now water vapor is considered CO2 “smoke”.

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5 Responses to “Warmist: It’s Difficult To Prove Extreme Weather From Climate Change, I’ll Still Do It”

  1. john says:

    Climate truthers are becoming fewer each year. The trend will continue. Stop listening to Alex Jones. Climate change is real and the Black Helicopters are not going to take your guns.

  2. Kevin says:

    No cooling tower in the world emits smoke. They emit steam, air, and water vapor.

  3. Anne says:

    If the earth is warming, icecaps are melting and ocean levels are rising so dramatically, why hasn’t the water level around our island risen? Our beaches and boat docks look pretty much the same way now as they did when we moved out onto this Florida key 32 years ago.

    BTW, I suspect that Rush Limbaugh was right when he said that, after the Soviet Union collapsed, Communists in this country adopted environmentalism as their new cover …., presumably as a courtesy to a tiny, miniscule, microscopic minority of [other] Jews who were neither liberals, nor socialists.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    Opinion: Climate change, Earth’s warming air make hurricanes more violent

    Except that annual hurricane intensity has decreased, landfall rates of major hurricanes has decreased, and we’ve seen a dramatic drop off of landfall of major hurricanes.

    Again, choosing to live in the dark, choosing to actively refuse to seek the truth, refusing to conduct simple research, is now the new normal. Especially among new scientists.

  5. Trish says:

    John is so witty.
    Anne- I believe you are absolutely correct about that- try reading “Green Hell” by Steve Milloy which depicts that subtle (originally perhaps-it’s far more aggressive nowadays) change of the left’s focus to the environment. Very creepy.
    GB- no amount of facts or reality or actual science will convince the religion of warmism, though I appreciate immensely when you point it out to them!

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