Joe Romm Invokes Ghost Of Christmas Future For Hotcoldwetdry

As usual, a leading Warmist forgets to tell all his followers to go out there and live the “carbon neutral” lifestyle

The Ghost Of Climate Yet To Come

Unlike Scrooge, we don’t get a spirit to show us what the future holds if we don’t change our ways.

No, we get people like Joe who are climahypocrites.

Indeed, we are only committed to about 2°C total warming so far, which is a probably manageable — and even more probably, if we did keep CO2 concentrations from peaking below 450 ppm, the small amount of CO2 we are likely to be able to remove from the atmosphere this century could well take us below the danger zone.

But if we don’t reverse emissions trends soon, we will probably triple that temperature rise, most likely negating any practical strategy to undo the impacts for hundreds of years

Since the end of the Little Ice Age we’ve seen a temperature rise of 1.4F. Big whoop. And these climamorons think if Someone (Else) doesn’t Do Something we’re going to boil the planet.

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2 Responses to “Joe Romm Invokes Ghost Of Christmas Future For Hotcoldwetdry”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    So, a level of CO2 10 times lower than the past is now bad?
    And a recovery from an ice age frozen temps I guess means nothing.

  2. john says:

    well Gummie of course it means something. It means that since the end of the last Ice Age the temps have gone up 4C. And look what changes that brought, maybe now you can see why 1 or 2 degrees can make a big difference. And Teach that temp change has bnever occured as quickly as now.
    Check out the yellow line of the last 25 years. The climate truthers have by and large given up proclaiming that we are on the verge of a new ice age.

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