Fish Wrap Wonders What Your Hotcoldwetdry Meme Is

25 years on, and Warmists still push the “spreading awareness” silliness

What’s Your Meme? Changing the Climate Change Conversation

We are constantly bombarded by memes in our daily lives. Some spontaneously flare up and then burn out as quickly as they appeared, while others stick around for decades. We hardly consider their presence, much less contemplate their possible influence on our lives.

Researchers in the emerging field of meme science are digging deeper, however, investigating how and why these sticky phrases or trends sink into our cultural psyche and subconsciously influence the way we process the world around us.

“Our goal is to introduce rigorous market research tools that have been developed for the corporate sector and apply them to the most pressing social issues in the world,” said Joe Brewer, co-founder of DarwinSF, a San Francisco-based company founded six months ago to help identify and spread memes that may influence significant global issues, starting with climate change.

Mr. Brewer and his co-founder, Balazs Lazlo Karafiath, aim to quantify the potential impact of a given climate change meme and then selectively promote its spread. If successful, they think they could creatively shift the way we think about and approach the problem.

Hey, I’ve got one! “Practice What You Preach”. And “walk the talk”. “Act like it’s a crisis”. “Give up your damned fossil fueled vehicle”.

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3 Responses to “Fish Wrap Wonders What Your Hotcoldwetdry Meme Is”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    my meme:
    “If you want it, pay for it!”

    If you want a global society that gives everything to everyone and has uber clean air and water, and everyone drives an electric car 5 miles to and from work….. then start paying for it.

    Don’t wait. Don’t wait for the gov’t to force you to pay for your dream. Do it now! Start supporting this gov’t early and soon.

    If you believe that rich people like you should pay over 50% to 80% of your wealth towards the gov’t… then please do so. go ahead. PROVE your volunteerism and show us the way.

  2. john says:

    Teach you sound lame saying that the others must all live completely carbon neutral lives before you will accept their argument. The fact is the “warmists” like the US Navy ARE doing things differently. And it will benefit all, even the climate truthers. People who think that climate change is both real and very serious are now 80% of the population. 98% of climatoligsts agree. Climate truthers are now just a fringe group, Teach Alex Jones is one of the loudest climate truthers STOP LISTENING TO HIM ! He is a wack job. You have come around to the fact that yes the planet is getting warmer, now just take a few more steps……….

  3. How is it “lame” to demand that those who believe in AGW live their lives, or at least make the attempt, in accordance with their beliefs?

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