Soak The Blue State’s Fiscal Plan

Jim Geraghty provides a great plan so that Blue states pay their “fair share”. The article comes from a newsletter from Jim, which arrives in email, but is similar to what Jim posted on the 5th (via Doug Ross)

Hmm. Joel Kotkin of Forbes lays out how the tax hikes envisioned by Obama and congressional Democrats will hit blue states hardest.

From this, the GOP could conceivably propose a “tax Blue America” plan:

  • Keep the tax rate on capital gains the same.
  • Raise income taxes on the top income bracket for 2013, those making $398,350 and up (single filers, married joint filers, or head of household).
  • Means-test, or eliminate entirely, the mortgage-interest deduction (which benefits taxpayers in areas with the highest real-estate values and mortgages — i.e., Hawaii, D.C., New York, California, and Connecticut).
  • Means-test or eliminate entirely the federal deduction of state and local taxes, which is disproportionately utilized by those in high-tax blue states: “In 2005, taxpayers in California and New York together made up 20 percent of those claiming the deduction and accounted for 30 percent of its value. Itemizers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and California claimed on average over $12,000 per household.”

The economic damage from these tax hikes would be bad, but the effect would hit hardest in the Northeast, the West Coast, Hawaii, and Washington, D.C.; high earners in those places would find yet another incentive to move to red states with lower real-estate prices, lower state and local taxes, and lower costs of living.

You want to stick it to so many of the morons who voted to continue with horrid economic (and other) policies of Obama? Here you go.

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5 Responses to “Soak The Blue State’s Fiscal Plan”

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  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    Nah, would never happen. Obama does not just hate the rich to all else,, but hates America more. He hates capitalism and free economic activity. To that end, he will not willingly show his backers the inefficacy of their actions.

    Screw it. increase taxes on all blue counties!! tax em… tax em all!!

    If they want it. They can have it.

  3. blick says:

    My taxation plan is: Taxation By Representation: Those US Represenatives who vote for higher taxes get the federal taxes raised in their districts only. It is only fair that they lead the way to properity thru taxation.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    … and they must give up their lifetime retirement accounts. Talk about pension accounts ruining the budget (union).

    They must also give up their cushy health care plan. They must abide by ObamaCare.

  5. Nate Ogden says:

    Why would red states want to do anything to motivate liberal voters to move to our state and screw them up. People that voted for these disasters should be forced to stay in their state and suffer the consequences.

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