Bummer: New Science Shows Greenland Ice Loss Much Less Than Warmists Computer Models Show

One of the foundation talking points from Disciples of Gore is that Greenland’s ice will melt and all of mankind will die (which is an interesting talking point of hysteria since Warmists also want the human population of Earth to be vastly reduced). Warmists always refuse to remember and talk about Vikings having settled Greenland and become an agrarian society during the warm period that preceded the Little Ice Age. But, you know, science

(The Register) A new analysis of data from dedicated satellites shows that one of the main factors predicted to drive rising sea levels in future has been seriously overestimated, with major implications for climate talks currently underway in Doha.

Using that new method, the Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment (GRACE), we find

According to a Princeton statement highlighting the new research:

While overall ice loss on Greenland consistently increased between 2003 and 2010, Harig and Simons found that it was in fact very patchy from region to region.

In addition, the enhanced detail of where and how much ice melted allowed the researchers to estimate that the annual acceleration in ice loss is much lower than previous research has suggested, roughly increasing by 8 billion tons every year. Previous estimates were as high as 30 billion tons more per year.

Wait, Warmists were exaggerating? They’d never do that, right? Or was it that they were just making it up as they went along?

In other words the possible acceleration in ice losses is barely perceptible: it may not really be happening at all. Similar results were seen not long ago in GRACE data for central Asian mountain glaciers, another suggested source for sea-level rises.

But, just in case it is happening, Warmists really need to make their lives “carbon neutral”. Act like it’s a crisis. More from the study

At current melt rates, the Greenland ice sheet would take about 13,000 years to melt completely, which would result in a global sea-level rise of more than 21 feet (6.5 meters).

Everybody pani……oh. Anyhow, Warmists should immediately cut their fossil fuel usage in half. Bike to work. Walk. No, I don’t care if it’s 30 miles. We’re talking about saving Gaia.

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4 Responses to “Bummer: New Science Shows Greenland Ice Loss Much Less Than Warmists Computer Models Show”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    We’re talking about saving Gaia right now.

    fixed it.

    We need to do something right now because if we wait for 13,000 years to come about, we will ONLY have time to adapt and develop technological remedies instead of destroying our current economy and way of life.

    We must act now because man has never been able to adapt. If the last mere 200 years has shown us anything, is that man and his technology are stagnant.

  2. W. C. Taqiyya says:

    This is very disappointing. Now what am I gonna do with all that property I bought in Greenland and Siberia? Was kinda hoping to build a bunch of condos up there. You know, make a killing in real estate. But seriously, I suggest you do a series of articles exposing how the climate hucksters invest their money. I’ll bet the farm they aren’t putting their money where their mouth is. I know they love their jets and limousines, but I’m talking about exposing their true beliefs not by examples of hypocrisy in their day to day spending but by where and how they invest. That should help expose their true beliefs since investments are reflections of what they think the future will be like. Buying land at higher elevations for example. OK then.

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    Or this… how no one is investing in green energy any more?

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