Crazy Liberals Force Cancellation Of School Charity Christmas Concert

Remember, there is no war on Christmas. It doesn’t exist. Liberals keep telling us this. It’s supposed to be a fiction created by Fox, excuse me, Faux News

(Daily Caller) The Hawaii Department of Education canceled a beloved annual Christmas concert by the Moanalua High School orchestra only four days before the event, following legal complaints by an First Amendment advocacy organization.

Mitch Kahle, founder of the Hawaii Citizens for the Separation of State and Church, wrote a letter to the Department threatening a lawsuit because of New Hope Church’s involvement in the concert, according to Hawaii News Now.

New Hope Church manages ticket sales and sells tickets to the concert at its services, sending all proceeds to charitable causes.

Over the years, the concert has raised over $200,000 through ticket sales at it’s church and other avenues over the past 6 years, which went for aid to poor people in Africa. The church has sold over 600 tickets for this year’s concert, which would have raised $30,000 for aid. I guess liberal “separation of church and state” weenies hate black people. Along with hating people being able to freely practice their religion voluntarily.

The stories state that they are trying to obtain a new venue for the concert, but with 4 days left, that is unlikely. Unfortunately, they aren’t, per commenter at the Hawaii News Now article

“The issue here is an entanglement between a public school and a Christian church,” said Kahle, according to Hawaii News Now. “And one of the things about the Constitution is that it prohibits the involvement of public schools and churches.”

A complete fiction, as that appears nowhere in the Constitution. But, we can’t expect liberals talking about the Constitution to have actually read it, now, can we?

Let’s flip over to that Hawaii News Now article (which also has video), and check out this comment

100% of all funds collected (ticket sales and donations) from Moanalua’s Gift of Hope Charity Concert has gone to various charities. New Hope has not benefitted financially from any of these concerts. In fact, many expenses for the concert, including snacks and meals for the students, has been incurred by volunteers, who, yes, attend New Hope.

In the past the concert has supported local charities, though the last few years the beneficiary has been Mercy Ships, a non-profit humanitarian aid organization that provides free medical care to those that need it most, regardless of age, gender, religion, etc. (snip)

Contrary to the false accusations that were made, tickets did not need to be purchased at New Hope’s church service. They could have been purchased at Moanalua’s Winter Concert, through the music department, at the door the night of the concert, as well as at New Hope or by calling New Hope and placing a phone order. I have been giving this information out to those that have called or emailed me.

The goal was to raise $30,000 (which would have then been matched, dollar for dollar – making it $60,000) through this charity concert. I believe that goal would have been met, based on past experience. It is with that past experience, not unfounded suspicions, that I can attest that these statements are true.

That is from Chad Brownstein, the video director at the New Hope Christian Fellowship. And because of some liberals who have an agenda based on a fantasy reading of the constitution other people suffer.

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5 Responses to “Crazy Liberals Force Cancellation Of School Charity Christmas Concert”

  1. Only two question the court will concern themselves with:

    1. Is it performed IN a religious venue Answer = Yes
    2. Does it have “religious value” i.e., promote one religion? Answer = Yes

    That will be the end of that, if it goes to court. Religious institutions lose these cases almost all every time. It’s the law.

  2. JGlanton says:

    We don’t need people doing charity any more. We have Obama Care and the expanded food stamps and extended unemployment and all those programs for single mothers.

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    And because of some liberals who have an agenda based on a fantasy reading of the constitution other people suffer.

    unfortunately, it is so ingrained in to our society, and in to our judicial system that it is everywhere. Like a disease, a plague, a cancer, it has spread and is metastasized itself.

    It will take a number of decades of voting conservative, so that conservatives can vote in conservative judge that rule based on constitution not on policy or past rulings, in order to fix this travesty of unconstitutional proportions.

    These “wall” people make me sick. All they are doing is further tearing down our society and its moral precepts that it was founded upon and succeeded with all these centuries.

    OMG! It’s a charity event. It’s even voluntary. No one is demanding the city’s citizens participate. No one is demanding the school kid’s take an oath or pledge to the church or the church’s deity to participate.

    and, more importantly, no one is asking the school kids to recite verses from the church’s holy books or play out certain passages or dress up like the church goers.

    This is a traditional concert with a christmas theme, and as well all now know, christmas is no longer a religious event. It never really was one, say like Easter. We chose this day to honor someone by subverting a pagan holiday that was already being practiced this time of year.

    however, as we also know by now.. it is now the tree and the red fat elf that are religious. so, as long as the concert has no fat stupid elf and a tree… it should be fine.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    1. Is it performed IN a religious venue Answer = Yes

    Answer: NO. The concert was performed at the school’s auditorium.

    2. Does it have “religious value” i.e., promote one religion? Answer = Yes

    Answer: NO.

    Courts have held that Christmas concerts and pageants are perfectly legal as long as the audience is not “captive” and that participation is voluntary.

  5. I know, I posted this on the wrong thread, as I said on the Charlie Brown thread…

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