Reid Refuses To Allow Vote On Obama’s Fiscal Cliff “Plan”

One can always count on some funny stuff from Harry Reid

(Weekly Standard) Senate majority leader Harry Reid is denying the Senate the chance to vote on President Barack Obama’s proposal. Reid calls Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s request to vote on the plan a “stunt.”

“I reserve the right to object. I just a minute ago moved to the Russia trade bill,” said Reid. “The purpose of moving to this bill is to protect American jobs. If we don’t do this legislation, we’ll lose American jobs for sure and put American companies in even worse shape than they are with Chinese and European companies. So the question is really this: are we going to get serious here and legislate or is this more of the obstruction we felt so much during this last Congress?

“The answer to that is really obvious. The answer is yes. Or are we going to continue the sort of political stunts that the Republican Leader is trying to pull today, now? On the substance, the Senate has passed a bill that goes a long way to address the fiscal cliff. That’s already passed here. Last July the Senate passed a bill to continue tax cuts for 98 percent of all Americans and 90 percent of all American small businesses. If the Republican leader were serious about preventing us from going over the fiscal cliff, he would urge his colleague, the speaker, to get the house to — to get the House to take up the Senate-passed bill now.

A “stunt”, huh? Well, of course it is. But, voting on legislation is also one of the things that elected officials in the Senate do. (NMP) Obama has made an offer of a “deal” to avert the fiscal cliff, one which includes those precious tax increases that Harry Reid says he wants, as well as even more spending, as well as offering to maybe possibly if Obama’s not playing golf negotiations on considering some spending cuts next year if he’s not on vacation. It all amounts to $3 in tax increases now for maybe possibly $1 in cuts later. Is it any wonder Democrats prefer Harry Reid to call voting on Obama’s fiscal cliff offer a stunt rather than actually going on the record in voting?

Mitch McConnell opines

“Look: this isn’t about the deficit for them, or balance.

“It’s about an ideological campaign that most Americans thought would have ended on November 6th. And that’s also why the President sent Secretary Geithner up here last week with a proposal so completely ridiculous it wouldn’t have passed the House with Nancy Pelosi in charge, let alone Speaker Boehner.

“It was more of a provocation than a proposal, frankly.  It was a message the President doesn’t want a deal at all. To date, not a single Senate Democrat has come forward to support it, and anybody who actually looks at the details would understand why.


“I for one was eager to see what Democrats in the Senate support this totally unrealistic proposal. I think folks should know who actually wants to raise taxes on family farmers and manufacturers, and who thinks we can solve our fiscal problems without doing anything serious to our real long term liabilities.

Speaker Boehner should bring Obama’s proposal up for a vote in the House, and watch the Democrats freak out.

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6 Responses to “Reid Refuses To Allow Vote On Obama’s Fiscal Cliff “Plan””

  1. John says:

    The people chose Obama in Nov they want his agenda.

  2. If that’s the case, John, why is Harry Reid blocking it?

  3. Acethepug says:

    Are you really expecting an answer from John?

    I mean, if he actually cared, he’d be asking why the Senate hasn’t passed a budget (their Constitutional duty and obligation) since before Obama took office.

    You know, like how the filibuster is this terrible, evil thing now that it gets used AGAINST the Democrats. Reid certainly had a different view back in 2005, and no amount of scrubbing the Internet will make me or anyone else with a long-term memory forget it, either.

    I honestly, firmly believe that, for Leftists, the morality of the act is determined not by result (okay, MAYBE by intent), but by who performs said act. Senator Barack Obama said raising the debt ceiling was bad, practically unconstitutional, but now that he’s President, he actually wants to raise it at will — and to take the decision away from Congress.

    Do you think he would have been willing to grant that power to GW Bush? Of course not! But like the contrast between the Patriot Act under Bush, and its continuance (along with more surveillance, drone strikes on US citizens, etc), the silence from the Dems is deafening.

    It’s all perfectly okay when the Dems do it! See how easy that is?

    You know, it would be almost laughable if it weren’t true …

    Thanks for posting!

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    Hey Reid, instead of blaming republicans for passing a piece meal legislation from a do-nothing Senate, why not pass a budget that affects 100% of Americans? The House has passed a budget for the last 4 years. Where have you been?

    Teach, I agree. Boner should put Chancellor’s plan up for a vote in the House. Tell his repubs to hold off the vote until the Dems vote first.

    The Repubs should also go to all media outlets and LOUDLy proclaim that “the Democrats are pushing granma off the cliff. There is a proposal on the table. Two in fact, but the Democrat (NOT democratic, gagh people – get it right) leader has refused to give the American people a chance to save granma. He is even refusing to allow the president’s plan to be voted on. Is this what America voted for on November 6?”

    I’m sick of the palsy, pansy, patsy, lilly-livered, paltry, P***y way that Boner has been handling things. Give us Gingrich back!!!!

    We need people to FIGHT dammit
    (meanwhile Boner just handed more ammunition to Pelosi when he called a 5 day recess.) (the repubs are the rotting horse)

  5. John says:

    Well Teach he isn’t. He allowed the vote calling McConnell s bluff. Mitch then had to fillibuster his own proposal please update your post to show the final outcome

  6. Gumball_Brains says:

    Wow, you just can’t help but lie. It must really hurt knowing that there is even an ounce of truth out there, outside your dark dank basement, that flies around without your taint on it.

    Reid refused to allow a direct vote on the budget deal. Reid brought up the Russian jobs bill, so McConnell sought to attach the “cliff” as an amendment to the bill. The Democrats voted it down.

    McConnell will find other bills in which to try and attach the “cliff” to.

    I say, stop at one time. The socialists voted down their own “cliff”. Quit giving them extra time to reconsider and approve it. you have your ammo now please start using it. So far, once again, silence from the hill.

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