WWF Stages Protest At COP18

I wonder how many unnecessary fossil fueled flights and automobile trips were taken to put on this demonstration? There are quite a few faces of people who surely live nowhere near not only Qatar, but the Middle East.

And how many trees were killed to produce the professionally made signs?

(Washington Post) A few hundred people marched in a peaceful demonstration Saturday for “climate justice” in Doha, where negotiators from nearly 200 countries are debating about how to slow global warming and help protect the most vulnerable countries from rising seas and other impacts of climate change.

Waving banners saying “Stop climate change” and “Arabs reduce emissions,” the well-behaved crowd marched along the Qatari capital’s Corniche, a waterfront walkway lined by gleaming skyscrapers.

Khalid al-Mohannadi, one of the organizers, noted that “it’s not a protest, it’s a march for peace.”

Well, by taking all those fossil fueled trips, the Warmists are destroying peace, per their own words.

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5 Responses to “WWF Stages Protest At COP18”

  1. occam says:

    Teach whatever the amount of carbon that they put into the atmosphere it of course would be an insignificant amount compared to the worldwide production for the year. The question should be: will their efforts result in an increase or decrease overall ?

  2. […] at Pirate’s Cove has a great post up on “WWF Stages Protest At COP18″. Go read […]

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    so, if they add more Carbon to the atmosphere, you are asking if they’ll add or decrease the amount?

    Let me guess, thinking hurts you too much.

    Hey Teach, I think realists need to put together a 3 month long protest in the parks of our cities where we burn charcoal and proclaim the dangers of rare-earth minerals and the killing of birds by whirling blades of doom.

    Am sure the media would call us patriots and the police and judicial system would fully support our efforts.

  4. […] William Teach noted all of the non-Middle Eastern faces on the demonstrators who flew to Doha to protest for “climate justice.” He also noted that Moscow has seen its heaviest November snowfall in half a century, while the rest of Europe is experiencing earlier-than-normal winter conditions. While Mr Teach frequently mocks the warmists, as he calls them, I believe that he has missed something: since the rockets that the Palestinians keep firing into Israel produce hydrocarbon emissions, as does the explosive blast at the end, I think that we can blame global warming on the Palestinians! […]

  5. But, occam, pennies add up to dollars, and according to Warmist doctrine, every little reduction helps. But, that is a cute little way of protecting the Cult.

    Maybe we could have an “everyone cook out” day in the spring, whether with charcoal, gas, or wood……hmm, I’m going to have to remember that one, put it in the calendar.

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