UN Climate Chief Pretty Much Admits COP18 Going Nowhere

Tom Nelson finds this little gem at the end of this NY Times story, which I had read but missed

She said she was already preparing her closing remarks for the Doha talks.

“It’s in my head now,” she said. “I’m going to say, ‘This is another firm step in the right direction, but the path is still a long road ahead.”’

That comes from “Christiana Figueres, the Costa Rican diplomat who serves as executive secretary of the U.N. climate convention”, who already has her closing speech saying that this was a waste of time, money, and, oh, will put out approximately 25,000 tons of CO2 to tell other people to stop putting out CO2.

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4 Responses to “UN Climate Chief Pretty Much Admits COP18 Going Nowhere”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    But, nothing about how to change their own ways in the mean time? About how to stop conducting these wasteful, carbon intensive vacations each year?

    I’m absolutely shocked.

  2. Trish says:

    Nothing much surprises me anymore. It still irks me, but it’s no real shock to hear that a whole lot of liberals progressives communist types are being hypocritical about pretty much everything.
    If only someone besides us would call them on it. Now that WOULD be a surprise!

  3. That’s what they’re best at, Trish and GB: being hypocrites. Engaging them at Warmist websites is a hoot (you should see some of the nasty personal attacks I get, especially at Grist): they deflect, attack, but never pledge to Do Something in their own lives.

  4. Trish says:

    Wow, Teach. I know that’s how liberals are in general -and especially in politics. They rarely have good arguments, and they can’t fight fairly so they namecall and in the cases where they don’t even know you personally, they can get nasty as all get out. Good thing you can atke it though- they need to be challenged on the religiosity of their beliefs! Yes, I made it up…

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