All I Want For Christmas Is A Hippopotamus. And A Walther P99

We saw how great one segment of the economy dis after Obama was reelected. And that’s still going gangbuster

(USA Today) — For the second consecutive year, prospective gun buyers joined Black Friday shoppers in record numbers as firearms dealers swamped the FBI with required buyer background check requests.

The FBI fielded 154,873 calls, a roughly 20% increase from last year’s previous one-day record of 129,166, according to bureau records.

The requests came in such volume throughout the day that FBI call centers experienced two brief outages — one of 18 minutes and one for 14 minutes —during the busy day, bureau spokesman Stephen Fischer said Monday.

Sure shows a lot of confidence in the direction this country is headed, eh?

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2 Responses to “All I Want For Christmas Is A Hippopotamus. And A Walther P99”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Confusing. Lord High Almighty Blessed One has led us to a much higher level of commiseration. No more hatred, no more racism, no more division, no more class warfare…?

    Why would rednecks and bitter-clingers need MORE guns? But wait,, again, confusing, because original gun owners don’t need another background check.. so.. this is really confusing. Because.. there can’t be NEW gun owners. Guns are scary evil violent deathkillers. There’s no reason for them. Especially in large metropolitan blue-state cities.

  2. Well, in all fairness, in some areas there is a waiting period which would require presenting the FBI with documentation. Here in liberal Wake County if I wanted another gun license I would have to go to the Sheriff’s office and apply.

    But, hey, I too thought this was the era of unicorns and lollipops where we all sang kumbaya.

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