Obama Defense Dept: “No Credible Threat Pre-Benghazi”

Here’s a new, and disturbing, spin

(UPI) A Defense Department official, speaking on background, provided a timeline of the U.S. military response to the deadly consulate attack.

“I would note … that there was no specific or credible threat that we knew of on the day that the attacks … occurred in Benghazi,” the official said.

Perhaps we do need to enforce the sequestration, and do away with some of the dead wood and non-combat military members warming chairs. Because others sure were worried

The International Committee of the Red Cross pulled its staff out of Benghazi and the State Department issued travel warnings for the region ahead of the attacks, however.

News outlets around the world were discussing the increasing danger in Benghazi and the surrounding area to Westerners from Islamic jihadis. Many of them were pulling their operations out of Benghazi. And we knew there were jihadis streaming in to eastern Libya and Benghazi during the civil war when the U.S. was bombing. Oh, and then there is this

(CNN) Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri again referenced the Benghazi, Libya, attack in an audio tape posted on jihadist websites last week, in remarks that, like all his statements, were immediately carefully scrutinized by counter-terrorism analysts searching for clues about the terrorist network’s operations.

Al-Zawahiri had called for Americans to be targeted in Libya the day before the diplomatic mission was attacked, leading to speculation that al Qaeda’s leadership in Pakistan had some sort of role or influence in the attack.

So, the day before the attack you have al Qaeda’s leader calling for attacks. Humph. You had Ambassador Stevens and many others screaming for more security. And, it was, you know, September 11th. Oh, and that whole thing about tons of people showing up with al Qaeda and Taliban style flags and headbands. The group that was supposed to provide security taking pictures of the American buildings. And it was September 11th. Now, if this had occurred in say, June, that might be a different story. Islamists love using certain dates to plan attacks. 9/11 is the big one.

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3 Responses to “Obama Defense Dept: “No Credible Threat Pre-Benghazi””

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Yep. nothing happened. Nothing to see here. Just move along. It’s not like terrorists give us any clues or anything.

  2. John says:

    So now on Nov 11 Vets day you are saying that the US military is part off a giant cover up

  3. No, that’s not what I’m saying, John. You need better reading comprehension.

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