Hey, When Did Colorado Become Chinese Property?

Does this mean that the US only has 57 states now? (via Twitchy)

“I want to build on the progress we’ve made. Doubling clean energy. I want fuel efficient cars and long-lasting batteries and wind turbines manufactured here in China! I don’t want them manufactured in China, I want them manufactured here in the United States!”

He did quickly correct himself, saying, “I don’t want them manufactured in China”, as you notice. Bless his heart, I suppose he’s tired. Too bad so many of the companies he’s chose to push taxpayer funds to have been losers.

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One Response to “Hey, When Did Colorado Become Chinese Property?”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Yeah, its easy mis-speak. however, it is true. Many batteries are made in China. The elements used to make the batteries and the electronics in the wind mills and solar panels are made and mined in China.

    And yeah, alot of the money spent on private companies has gone overseas.

    How about we just stop giving money to private companies? Especially ones that are on the brink of bankruptcy?

    But you know, I’d vote for Romney any day if he really wanted to impose a $500 Trillion tax cut for us.

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