BTW, North And South Korea On The Verge Of Nuclear War

Did you know that the UN General Assembly was still going on? Yeah, me neither

(UK Telegraph) Pak Kil-yon, Pyongyang’s vice-foreign minster, put the blame for the tense state of inter-Korean relations firmly on South Korea’s conservative government and claimed the citizens of the North feel “shame” and “political terror.”

Monday’s speech was the first time a representative of North Korea has addressed the General Assembly since Kim Jong-un assumed power after the death of his father in December last year.

Neither the United States nor the UN escaped criticism, with Pak saying recent joint military manoeuvres between the US and South Korean troops were “reckless provocations.”

“Today, due to the continued US hostile policy towards the DPRK, the vicious cycle of confrontation and aggravation of tensions is an ongoing phenomenon on the Korean Peninsula, which has become the world’s most dangerous hot spot and where a spark of fire could set off a thermonuclear war,” Pak said.

Provocation or typical bluster by North Korea?

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2 Responses to “BTW, North And South Korea On The Verge Of Nuclear War”

  1. Dana says:

    Bluster. “Thermonuclear” refers to hydrogen bombs, fusion weapons, and not the simpler, less powerful, half-dud atomic bombs the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has built.

    Of course, Kim Jung-un might not be all that worried about us bombing North Korea back to the stone age when they still in the stone age anyway.

  2. Good point.

    This kind of talk will scare the hell out of those in Seol, 30 miles south of the DMZ, though.

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