Warmist Decides To Walk The Talk, Cut Back On Showers

Well, finally one sort of stands up and decides to sort of live the “carbon” neutral lifestyle, and tells us about it as part of the silly “50 months left” schtick I mentioned yesterday. Here’s Warmist Kevin Anderson (via Climate Depot and Tom Nelson)

My day job is to translate the science of climate change into the everyday language we use to understand our lives. To chaperon policy-makers in the transition towards a low-carbon UK, and to help companies and civil society understand the mitigation challenge we all face. But this is not just a job – I’m as much a part of the problem as the solution. Many of my colleagues disagree with me on this – but as I work in the area I cannot excuse my profligate emissions through lack of knowledge.

Hmm, you fellow Warmists disagree that they have to walk the talk? Shocking!

So what will I do differently? I haven’t flown for almost eight years – and that will have to continue. I have halved the distance I drive each year and have significantly changed how I drive. I’ve done without a fridge for 12 years, but recently relented and joined the very small proportion of the world’s population that has a fridge – this I may have to reverse! I’ve cut back on washing and showering – but only to levels that were the norm just a few years back.

Actually, despite my constantly telling Warmists to live the life they say everyone should be forced to, please, Warmists, shower properly.

All this is a start but it is not enough. Certainly, if those of us working on climate change are a bellwether of society’s response, the future looks bleak. Nevertheless until those intimately engaged in climate change, including the scientists, journalists, NGOs and ministers, put their own houses in order, I think it unlikely others will take our analysis seriously. As we pass the bus stop to jump in a taxi from the airport to another air-conditioned hotel room in Bali, Cancun or Rio – what message are we disseminating?

I have to say, he has a good point. Why should anyone buy what Warmists are selling when they refuse to modify their own lives?

Oh, and as for all the “tipping points”, Climate Depot has a good list of many that have been thrown out.

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3 Responses to “Warmist Decides To Walk The Talk, Cut Back On Showers”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    I’ve cut back on washing and showering – but only to levels that were the norm just a few years back.

    Which would be … what? Once a day? Or is he talking like back in the 40-50s where it was a couple times a week? Or is he talking about pre-1930s where it was a couple times a year? or, is he talking about pre-EVIL-Industrial Revolution where it was …. never?

    I have halved the distance I drive each year

    So, after all these years, does this mean he is now driving 3 feet? Let’s assume he drove 40 miles a day to work, after 12 years, that amounts to 0.0098 miles. ok, its actually closer to 51.5 feet per day. But then, do you really have to drive to work to be an opinion writer for an online journal?

    Hey, while you harangue people to walk the talk… I found another for ya.

    The latest season of TLC’s ‘Extreme Cheapskates’ premieres this month, and from the looks of the teasers they’ve posted online, the recession has born an entirely new breed of outrageous savers.

    In the first clip, we meet New York resident Kay. Not only does she freely admit to never using toilet paper, she reveals she hasn’t done laundry the traditional way –– using a washer and dryer –– in years.

    “Whenever I have dirty clothes, I try to wash them while I’m showering,” she says. “I think the last time I did laundry was maybe three years ago.”

    Kay sees no need in indulging in paper products either. She replaced toilet paper with a squirt bottle filled with water.

    So, in order to save electricity, she freely admits to using much much much more water. Which of course is made by the use of electricity, and delivered to her squirt bottle by electrically powered pumps.

  2. Militant Catholic says:

    What a miserable self-hating, depressed individual. Imagine being consumed with these thoughts of self worthlessness and hatred of your fellow men night and day. One can almost hear Satan whispering in his ear, “Yessss… You aren’t worth it… Your fellow Man is worthless too.. there is no hope…”
    Limbaugh was right when he said Communism never went away, it just turned into the environmental movement. Look at the similarities – hatred of Man, hatred of society, hatred of individualism, hatred of self, desire for massive government control, micromanagement of every aspect of one’s life, hatred of God, hatred of freedom, hatred of Western values, hatred of Democracy, hatred of America, hatred of religion.
    Environmentalists and watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside.

  3. john says:

    Gee MC even the Pope and the Vatican have gone “green” In fact the Vatican boasts being the “greenest” nation on the planet. Why do you hate them for doing this? Was ithe 600 million that tehy spent? You should call your bishop or whatever……

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