Oh Noes! UK Halloween Could Be Cancelled Due To Climate Change

It should be noted that while Richard Tol is a Warmist, he’s not in the “alarmist” category. He hasn’t taken wacko extreme views, advocated for many of the extreme economic measures (though he does support a “carbon” tax), and was critical of the people exposed by the Climategates. He seems to be an honest scientist who does believe in man-induced warming, though he does call the impact “small”.

(Telegraph) Farmers say there will be a shortage of pumkins this Halloween as the bad summer weather means the crop is down by 20 per cent and many are still green.

Pumpkin growers in Lincolnshire are now racing against time to get the harvest finished before the frost claims more of their crop.

At David Bowman Pumpkins, near Spalding, which is Europe’s largest producer of the vegetable, around 40 per cent are still green because of the cold weather.

“It’s terrible, pumpkins don’t like the wet and cold and that’s what we’ve had all summer,” said Mr Bowman, whose farm normally produces two million a year, around three quarters of the British crop.

Sadly, Warmists have been saying that the cold rainy weather in the U.K. is because you drove a fossil fueled vehicle, releasing greenhouse gases that make the atmosphere warm.

Via Steven Goddard.

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