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Bob at The Camp Of The Saints often posts his own “spot on quote of the day”. Perhaps it’s time someone gave him that back

This Is Not My Country

The annual Muslim Day Parade was held in New York yesterday.

The celebration of all things Mohammedin was, as you might expect, filled with Taquiyya, which is the practice of lying to Infidels sanctioned by Allah. There were signs displayed and carried that made the now-tired old claim that Islam is ‘a religion of peace’. A number of women in burkas has najabs made of American Flags. One sign read ‘One God, One Humanity’, prompting one to ask just who is this ‘One God’ they speak of? Fortunately, another sign provided the answer: Allah [it also made the claim that Jesus was merely a messenger of Allah]. (snip)

The Dhimmitude on display in New York City yesterday should serve as a warning to those of us in the rest of the country that, whether we want to admit it or not, Islam is on the march through our institutions in America. We had better fight back against this or, just as with happened with the Left and their march, we will wake up finally one day and find our country in the hands of barbarians.

Make sure to read the whole thing, and head to the Pam Geller article linked.

To add a brief bit on, since the post is about Bob’s musings, we constantly hear from the Left that Islam is a “Religion of Peace” and that the 1.4 billion Muslims are not represented by the tiny, itty bitty miniscule amount of Salafists. Yet, every year, this grows. See, one of the issues is that Lefties only look at the violent ones, and poo poo the ones not involved in violence but push for Sharia law, stoning gays, forcing people to adhere to hard core Islam, don’t speak out against arranged marriages of 11 year old girls and whipping women who have been raped, etc and so on. I can certainly speculate why Lefties fail to condemn the Salafists and ignore the “creeping Sharia”, but, really, only they know why.

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2 Responses to “The Spot On Quote Of The Day…”

  1. Orson Snow says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say we are reaching a tipping point…and it is not in the direction you might think. I, honestly, believe that a majority of folks out there know that Islam is a whole bunch of violent crap (not just the small percentage of jihadists).

    As more examples such as killing over cartoons and movies soak into the populace, more and more folks will question the media guard’s position of political correct protectiveness. Resultant will be the more common criticism of Islam right out there in the open.

    As with everything in the US, evenutally it will even become trendy and hip to insult the obvious hypocrisy of Islam and ultimately float away where all trends go. Islam can’t compete with stigmatized indifference. It’s like asking someone with a brain whether they watched the Kardasians last night. They’ll write you off as retarded…and it’s just about as easy to write of supporters of Islam off as retarded too. By that time, no one will care if you insult Islam…just like they insult Christianity on a regular basis. Islam is still novel.

  2. […] -I have been remiss in thanking my good Friend In The Ether William Teach for his kind words about my posting on the Muslim Day Parade in New York City. William’s commentary on Creeping Sharia is a must-read. […]

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