Hooray! Planet Could Be Healed By Previously Unknown Technology

And all in just two steps!

(The Atlantic) Now for the better news. A technology is in the pipeline that has the potential to eliminate CO2 emissions entirely. Solar power, long believed to be unworkably expensive, has actually been falling in cost at a steady exponential rate of 7 percent per year for the last three decades straight.

I’m glad Warmists are around to let is know about these great new technologies, that have been falling from gone plaid speed expensive to ludicrous speed expensive.

Within the decade, solar could be cheaper than coal. Within two decades, cheaper than gas. When that happens, assuming we also have electric cars, it is game over for carbon emissions.

It’s so simple! Let’s cover the entire world with expensive solar panels and the unicorns in charge will bring the price down.

Me, I’d go with these steps 1. Warmists should STFU and live the carbon neutral life. 2….. well, 1 is all we need. We could add in “Warmists should stop breathing.”

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3 Responses to “Hooray! Planet Could Be Healed By Previously Unknown Technology”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    So,… another Mann Hockey Stick extrapolation??

    If the cost was this much this period ago, and the cost is this now, thus extrapolating out the trend line, the cost will be this in XX years.

    Hell, at that rate, it will be a negative cost in 40 years.

    At this rate, houses will be unattainable by anyone but the billionaires.

    At this rate, gas prices will be higher than gold.

    At this rate, wind power will be more ubiquitous than light poles.

    At this rate, the price of corn will cause it to be used only for research purposes.

    At this rate, the earth will see a never ending cold spell causing the entire globe to be covered in 10 miles of ice.

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  3. But, you have to remember, that new solar powered technology is just around the corner! Obama told me so! He invested taxpayer money in it, so it must be worthwhile. I should probably talk to the heads of Solyndra and First Solar.

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