SUV Induced Snow Puts Autumn Foliage At Risk

Our favorite drunk uncle Climate Change is to blame

Autumn’s glow put at risk by climate change

Climatologists and phenologists —those who study the effects of seasonal changes on plants and animals —are increasingly concerned about the effects of rising temperatures and erratic weather patterns on fall foliage.

While most average leaf peepers aren’t noticing any dramatic changes, consider what’s happened in the Northeast since August 2011:

-The freak October snowstorm damaged or destroyed thousands of trees.

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2 Responses to “SUV Induced Snow Puts Autumn Foliage At Risk”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Holy geeze.

    I … ummm …. but… … you… …. there isn’t.. ….. ….

    (head against desk)

    so, exit question, what does an earlier fall mean for the global ecological harm of fall foliage? We were 105 last friday, this friday we were 67.

  2. Obviously, the fact that you didn’t unplug your TV before going to work is killing Gaia through Hotcoldwetdry, because the climate should never change.

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