Good Grief: If You Support Voter ID, You Hate Frederick Douglass

And you’re a big racist, so says David W. Blight in a NY Times op-ed

SUPPRESSING the black vote is a very old story in America, and it has never been just a Southern thing.

In 1840, and again in 1841, the former Frederick Bailey, now Frederick Douglass, walked a few blocks from his rented apartment on Ray Street in New Bedford, Mass., to the town hall, where he paid a local tax of $1.50 to register to vote. Born a slave on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in 1818, Douglass escaped in an epic journey on trains and ferry boats, first to New York City, and then to the whaling port of New Bedford in 1838.

By the mid-1840s, he had emerged as one of the greatest orators and writers in American history. But legally, Douglass began his public life by committing what today we would consider voter fraud, using an assumed name.

And the obvious conclusion is that if ID was required, Douglass wouldn’t have been allowed to vote, hence, we shouldn’t require ID of anyone, because …. well, just because, you damned dirty racists who just want to stop people from voting

To those potentially millions of young, elderly, brown and black registered voters who, despite no evidence of voter fraud, they now insist must obtain government ID, why not merely offer money? Pay them not to vote. Give each a check for $711 in honor of Frederick Douglass. Buy their “freedom,” and the election. Call it the “Frederick Douglass Voter Voucher.”

Or, how about they just get an ID? Is Blight actually proposing that Blacks are incapable of getting a proper government ID? It sure seems like Democrats think Blacks aren’t smart enough to get a few bucks to purchase an ID.

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2 Responses to “Good Grief: If You Support Voter ID, You Hate Frederick Douglass”

  1. Orson Snow says:

    We do not know when Douglass cast his first vote. It might have been in 1840, in the famous “log cabin and hard cider” campaign mounted by the Whig Party for its candidate, Gen. William Henry Harrison. If so, he likely supported the Liberty Party’s James G. Birney, who represented the first genuinely antislavery party, however small, in American history; it achieved some strength in the Bay State.

    Well, it’s a pretty good bet that Douglas didn’t vote for DEMOCRAT Martin Van Buren in that election. That’s the same DEMOCRAT Martin Van Buren who wanted to send the Amistad slaves back to the Spanish slavers. Good ole DEMOCRAT Marty was also behind the Trail of Tears which showed he was an equal opportunity hater (in this case, the Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw and Seminole)

  2. Exactly. People forget it was the Democrats that pushed for slavery, and continued with Jim Crow etc post civil war.

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