Bummer: Kiribati Man Denied “Climate Refugee” Status

Total bummer

(HuffPo) (Climate refugee) has primarily been an academic debate until now. New Zealand immigration authorities have just refused refugee status to a man from the drowning island country of Kiribati. The 36-year-old man sought refuge in New Zealand from climate change related harm, saying on his application that he fears for his children’s future on the coral atolls of Kiribati, which are elevated just slightly above sea level.

The I-Kiribati man has been in New Zealand since 2004. His visa expired recently, so he sought a more permanent solution to his sense of homelessness. During my recent trip to Kiribati, many spoke of New Zealand as a back up option that they would keep in the back of their mind. However, most that I spoke with want to remain in their homeland of Kiribati for as long as they can.

In other words, he didn’t want to go back to the poo infested waters of Kiribati so he decided to apply using the silly “climate refugee” crap. Pun intended.

The waters around Kiribati are not rising. In fact, the islands themselves are growing. Even if the waters were rising, how the heck do these flat earth Warmists think they came into being anyhow? The islands are coral based, hence, the seas had to be higher in the past to allow the coral to build what would become islands when the sea level went down.

But, then, who wouldn’t want to live in a paradise like New Zealand (ignoring that little issue of being on severe fault zones) versus islands that are barely above sea level to start with, are running out of fresh water because they’re tiny islands, and, oh, all that poo infested water?

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7 Responses to “Bummer: Kiribati Man Denied “Climate Refugee” Status”

  1. Anterea Team says:

    Okay so when you say you visited Kiribati, how long did you stay? a few nights and that makes you so much of an expert that you know exactly what the situation is? please do get you information right, if you want to be an expert on the subject your reliance on media interpretation on (what has now been proven wrong)science to shape your thinking is downright funny.- you would be better off staying in your little shell and stop trying to understand things beyond the capacity of your feeble little mind

  2. Steve says:

    Coral atolls are colonies of living organisms. They aren’t going to sink. But they are always going to be only a few feet above sea level. If the sea level rises, they get taller. If the sea level drops, wind and erosion will reduce the atoll until again it’s only a few feet above sea level at its highest point.

  3. I find it fascinating that through all your childish attacks, Anterea, you were unable to provide any factual proof to rebut the gist, and sourced material, in the post. Why is that, do you think?

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    Islands never eroded or were created or were flooded in the past.

    The fact that they are changing in the slightest bit, means man is only damaging its environment. PROOF. when a man uses a fossil-fueled polluting motorized slicing blade machine on non-native grass species irascibly trying to grow in the hyper-managed land area located in the frontal area of a non-wild habitat, the grass height is negatively affected.


  5. Since the whole planet’s doomed, maybe we could stuff him into the next Mars lander

  6. I blame you, GB, for this sorry state of the climate. I bet you charged your smartphone yesterday.

    And then there is RR, who suggests using fossil fueled rockets!!!!! to go to Mars. Do you know how bad those rockets are for the climate?

  7. Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic blog post.

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