Paul Ryan: “Carter Years Were The Good Old Days”

As the Democratic National Abortionfest Convention opens up today in Charlotte, the Party faithful are concerned about what Obama’s plans are for the #1 issue, the economy. Team Obama is asking them and others to look forward, not backward. Except when they are whining about Bush and Republicans. A majority of The Hill voters say the country is worse off under Obama and he doesn’t deserve reelection. And here’s Paul Ryan!

(ABC News) Paul Ryan today compared the president to Jimmy Carter, using a line Democrats have been asked over the past two days,  saying the country is not “better off” than four years ago and “simply put, the Jimmy Carter years look like the good old days compared to where we are right now.”

What Obama and his zombie-like supporters forget is that every president gets dealt good cards and bad cards: what matters is how they react to them. Obama reacted exactly like you would expect of someone with no executive experience who had a far left agenda, surrounded himself with advisors with little real world experience, and treated the job as if it was a vacation.

“Folks, there’s a little gathering going on in Charlotte,” Ryan said to a crowd at East Carolina University,  some 230 miles from where the Democratic National Convention is being held in Charlotte. ”President Obama is going to be giving a big speech, there’s going to be lots of speeches, lots of words. Let me quote President Obama four years ago. ‘If you don’t have a record to run on then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from.’ Ladies and gentleman that is exactly what Barack Obama is doing today. The president has no record to run on. In fact every president since the Great Depression who asked Americans to send them in to a second term could say that you were better off than you were four years ago except for Jimmy Carter and President Barack Obama.”

“When you take a look at what we’re going to hear in Charlotte today, the president can say a lot of things, and he will, but he can’t tell you that you’re better off,” Ryan continued.

This economy is what Obama and the Democrats built, and it can’t turn around till Obama is safely ensconced in his Chicago home contemplating his memoirs.

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4 Responses to “Paul Ryan: “Carter Years Were The Good Old Days””

  1. Joe Citizen says:

    Wow. For the first time ever I agree with Paul Ryan. The Carter years were the good old days. Ever since Reagan was elected the middle class has been stagnating while the wealthy have accumulated a greater and greater share of the wealth of the country. Reaganism has been a profoundly misguided ideology which has sapped the vitality and the competitiveness of the American economy and eroded the American dream.

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  3. gitarcarver says:

    The Carter years were the good old days.

    You must not have been around in the Carter years.

  4. Yup, the good old Carter years, when they came up with a new metric, the Misery Index, and everyone talked about malaise.

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