How Do Warmists Think The Media Should Cover Global Warming?

They’re quite cool with offering both sides, as long as a heavily pro-AGW spin is provided (via Tom Nelson)

(CounterPunch) Journalists can tell both sides of the story by saying virtually every major meteorological scientist in the world says global warming exists and is caused by industrial emissions and quoting “mercenary confusionists” who are paid by the oil and coal industries to muddle the issue, Kennedy said. But giving climate deniers equal weight with climate scientists distorts the truth.

“That’s actually confusing the public,” he told Healy. “What a journalist needs to do is say, ‘Okay, 99 percent of scientists say this exists. There’s a few kind of average, marginalized people who are paid by the oil industries to say it isn’t.’

“If the truth comes out, we win.”

CounterPunch is one of those far left organizations whining about the “Corporate Media”, even though 90% of the media votes Democrat. Amazingly, CounterPunch doesn’t even see that what they’re advocating is advocacy, not journalism.

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