Bummer: GM Suspends Chevy Volt Production Again

Sales of Volts have certainly been a little bit better than previous. Of course, how many of those have been purchased by government? On the few occasions I see them on the road they have government tags or sticker denoting that this is a government fleet vehicle

(USA Today) General Motors is halting, for a month, the manufacture of its well-known Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric car.

Automotive News, citing unnamed sources, reports the Detroit-Hamtramck plant will suspend production from Sept. 17 until Oct. 15.

It would be the second interruption in production for the Volt, which can go 38 miles on battery power before needing a recharge from its gasoline engine. GM late Monday disputed published reports that the move is because of slow Volt sales. GM sold 10,666 Volts through July, way up from the 2,870 sold during the same period a year earlier.

“We are not idling the plant due to poor Volt sales. We’re gearing up for production of the new Impala,” Chevy spokesman David Darovitz said in an email.

Hmm, the Impala? It gets much less miles per gallon, but, it is a favorite with businesses and rentals for business travelers, as it drives very well on the road, which means it, you know, sells. It also tends not to catch on fire when involved in a minor fender bender. And did I mention it tends to sell?

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9 Responses to “Bummer: GM Suspends Chevy Volt Production Again”

  1. Militant Catholic says:

    Hi everyone!

    I just got off the phone with an Obama administration official. I was told that the idea of limiting people to see Obama’s stump speeches so that it would be more intimate has been such a success that now they’re going to do the same thing with the Volts. By making less of them, that makes them more valuable and so people want them more. That’s why they’re selling so fast! What smart people we have running this country! We’re in the best of hands!
    Hope and Change!

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    YEAH. Economy through a lack of it. You will have to not sell it before you can sell it.

    You can tell this is a huge fluff piece for Chevy. I think I read where this hold is going to be several months. And to think that 10,666 (ahahhahhaaaa 666… lol) volts have been sold so far this year, despite only selling 2870 last year?!!?!?

    How many of you want to bet that 10,000 of those purchases are Federal purchases???

    Weirdly enough, there is a link at the bottom that takes you to an Exxon page that poo-poos the benefits of natural gas vehicles. lol

  3. john says:

    The Volt is GMs first generation hybrid. It has a long way to go before it is as good as Toyotas Prius which will soon be its all time sales leader. But thanks foe mentioning how well GM has been doing since Obama pushed through their bailout. I am sure that almost all Americans are glad that GM was saved, even those who hate on Obama seemto like having GM around

  4. gitarcarver says:

    The Volt is GMs first generation hybrid.

    Sorry john, the Volt is not a “first generation hybrid.” The hybrid has been around for over 100 years.

    But thanks foe mentioning how well GM has been doing since Obama pushed through their bailout.

    Thanks for mentioning how much of a failure the bailout has been?

    You do realize that GM still owes the taxpayers money, right john? You do realize that the bailout cost American taxpayers more than 32 billion dollars than the Obama administration said it would? (Once again, showing the depth of his economic aptitude.)

    I am sure that almost all Americans are glad that GM was saved, even those who hate on Obama seemto like having GM around

    What in the world makes you think that? Do you really think that Americans are happy the money went to unions instead of investors? Do you really think Americans are happy with the fact that GM is still under water? Do you really think that Americans are happy with the fact that GM was able to discharge all of its outstanding debts – in violation of every bankruptcy law – because the administration said it was okay?

    You really think that the buy back of stock which was to have taken place by now and hasn’t makes Americans happy? You think Americans are happy at the government interjecting itself into to the market by owning a company?

    The only people that are “happy” are the union workers.

    Even Obama is telling people not to release sales data from GM until after the election as the numbers will show what a disaster this bailout was.

  5. Gumball_Brains says:

    Dont forget that 20,000 non-union workers got shafted on their pension plans, while the union guys got full coverage. … during a bankruptcy phase?

    It is sad when flies are starting to make even more sense than liberal ideologies these days.

  6. gitarcarver says:

    And don’t forget that despite owing the government and the taxpayers money, GM paid out bonuses to the employees.

    It wasn’t that long ago when Obama and his cronies screamed when the banks which were bailed out paid bonuses to people when they still owed money back to the taxpayer.

    When the bonuses at GM were given out, that was a good idea. (It is easier to buy votes that way.)

  7. Gumball_Brains says:

    And also dont forget. Congress passed a LAW that directly targeted those bankers and investors who received bonuses after their companies received bailouts. The law forced a 100% payback through a 100% tax. Both acts to me seemed highly illegal and has the effect of punishing a certain specific persons.

    Also, After being bailed out, GM upgraded its facilities in S. America, Canada, and expanded facilities in China.

    Just recently, GM promised to move many of its units to CHINA. Yes, it is a growing market and GM would be stupid to not take advantage of China’s recently open-doors for foreign expansion. But, they should pay off US taxpayers first before getting more loans for expansion.

  8. Trish says:

    Stopping the Volt again? Absolutely SHOCKing…

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