The Akin Issue: Don’t Drop Out

I know, everyone is going “ugh” regarding the mostly dumb comments from Missouri GOP Senatorial candidate (and current Representative) Todd Akin. Here’s what I wrote in the comments over at Michelle Malkin’s spot

Perhaps Republicans shouldn’t be so quick to dump our candidates in front of a bus for saying something stupid. It seems that so often we say we’re going to stay strong, but, the minute a Republican looks bad, we rush out to placate the liberal media and Democrats instead of circling the wagons, making the GOP look weak. Who wants to run Republican when they know we won’t have their back?

The liberal media and Democrats do circle the wagons, no matter how bad the comment or action. Cheating on/not paying taxes? Also known as criminal violations of the law? Democrats and lib media circle the wagons.

Make an offensive statement? Circle the wagons.

Call Americans “teabaggers” and bitter clingers? Circle the wagons.

Target private citizens? Circle.

Have a former high ranking member of the KKK? Hell, keep electing him and make him majority leader for a time.

The list goes on.

Akin didn’t break the law. He said something dumb. We should give him our support. You want dumb? Claire McCaskill voted for Stimulus and Obamacare, much worse. Let’s not forget that Claire “forgot” to pay almost $300k in taxes for her plane.

You have many Republicans calling for him to give it up. Sean Hannity sounded like he wanted Akin to abandon his campaign earlier on the radio. Republicans and Crossroads GPS have apparently pulled out. National Review has called on Akin to step aside. So does Scott Brown. And John Cornyn. Many Republicans and Conservatives have gone all squishy as they so often due in the face of adversity.

Fortunately, some are standing up for Akin, such as social conservatives (of which I’ve been critical in the past). This is what we should all be doing. To be impolite and risk alienation, Republicans need to grow a spine. Akin is up 11 over McCaskill. Go on the offensive, bring up her Obamacare and Stimulus votes (among others), and highlight her “forgetting” to pay her taxes while demonizing “rich” people. For f*ck’s sake, you have a president who is quick to insult American citizens, especially Conservatives, and often in a nasty way. He called Americans lazy and soft. He said Americans “aren’t thinking clearly.” I could go on and on and on. Who will you replace Akin with? Bueller? Bueller? You replace him now and it is a guaranteed loss.

Buck up and stand up.

PS: Akin has a lifetime rating with the American Conservative Union of 97.24. He’s been helpful way more than hurtful. Maybe this is the kind of Conservative we need.

Double PS: I’m sorry if that sounded a bit angry, but, that’s because I am. Akin apologized, and not the “I’m sorry if you were offended” type. Let’s stop hitting our folks with the big shiny bus for one screwup.

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9 Responses to “The Akin Issue: Don’t Drop Out”

  1. The Worm says:

    Sorry, Teach…I still look at the candidate as someone who REPRESENTS the people. The Democrats don’t do that anymore. For them, it is all about a Democrat getting in…and not a Republican. Akin is a half-wit…and I sure as hell wouldn’t want him representing me.

    I’ll give you another example of this. About a decade ago, the Pennsylvania State Legislature voted themselves a raise (during a difficult time in the State) in the wee hours of the night in an effort to keep it from the public to some sense. In the next state election, every single one of the Republican legislators who voted in favor of the raise lost. Every single one of the Democrats remained in their post.

    It’s one of the reasons (amongst many others) I identify myself as a Republican…and not the “win at all costs” party. They still have some politicians with an R behind their name who actually represent their constituency.

    I’m not squishy…just selective of whom should hold the slot. In Missouri we have a unique situation where the top three Republicans in the primary were ALL out polling Claire McKasskill (sic). It’s not too late to switch candidates…

    That said. I see your point and understand your position. I’m just not ready to accept the application of lesser integrity control the election. Not yet…
    The Worm

  2. […] is more important than sticking by Akin. There is a lot of merit to that. William Teach, however, has a differing view You have many Republicans calling for him to give it up. Sean Hannity sounded like he wanted Akin […]

  3. LD Jackson says:

    We do have a tendency to hold some of our candidates to a higher standard than the Democrats. What Akin said was more than a little dumb, but I’m not so sure it should be cause for his resignation.

  4. Sorry, no, Akin is beyond redemption. The state is too important, and Akin’s comments way too brain dead to survive. He will not only cost us the Senate seat–and perhaps the Senate–but possible cost us Missouri’s electoral votes for Romney/Ryan.

    He is not worth fighting for. He has to go.

  5. I understand all your opinions, and appreciate your input, but, I guess we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one. One thing, though: if he is abandoned, there is still no way to win that seat, because McCaskill’s camp will beat up on that person as the person who replaced the guy who said something so hugely awful that he had to be replaced.

  6. benning says:

    Keep him! A foot in the mouth isn’t THAT bad a thing. Look how far Uncle Joe has gotten. 🙂

    Dems say far viler things than Akin did, and they are STILL in office.

  7. benning says:

    Oh … and maybe the next election the state GOP establishment will refrain from their knee-jerk support of any candidate but the Tea Party-endorsed one. Sheesh! What idjits!

  8. Tennwriter says:

    This ain’t about integrity. If he’d been caught stealing and we gave him a pass, that’d be about integrity.

  9. Gumball_Brains says:

    Yeah, this has nothing to do with integrity. Or how much of a moral character he has compared to others.

    He said a very stupid thing. He had his Christine O’Donnell moment. It will cost him the election probably. But, it isn’t worthy calling him out. It isn’t worth the scarlet letter.

    Remember to keep the context. He was (wrongly) talking about how trauma can sometimes keep a woman from getting pregnant when she is forcibly and traumatically raped. That is what he was referring to when he used the word “legitimate”.

    And yes, there is a bit of a difference here when one is talking medically and psychologically.

    Yes, rape is rape and it is a complete invasion and destruction of all things holy and private and personal about a person’s body. But, there is the rape that can happen when someone is knocked out, or unable to resist. Think of drugs or alcohol. How many women are raped at parties where alcohol is consumed in vast quantities. People’s will to resist is eliminated and there are men who eagerly take advantage of the situation.

    Then there are the types that some would consider the real rape through violence, trauma, and brutality. I believe this is what Akin was referring to and was trying to mention. While the thinking is fertilization is less likely during this time, the medical notes do not bear up. Also, there are cases when women lose their already conceived and growing babies due to some traumatic experience. Thus, it only seems logical to assume that trauma at the time of fertilization would probably not lead to pregnancy.

    For me, he expressed an opinion that he thought was right, one he thought he learned from some doctor some time ago. heck, back then it may have been the prevailing view. He is an older gentleman.

    Right now, we are jumping on this man for what reason? Using a wrong word to describe a certain type of violent act?

    And, why are we listening to RINO scott brown?

    And for those who claim this race is of utmost importance now so we have to dump him…. are skipping over the fact that there isn’t anyone to put in there. He is the one running against Claire. If we show support it shows that we are not just another party of cut-n-runners like we always are when the media doesn’t like a conservative.

    Unfortunately, the damage is too far and that part of Missouri is to long gone as well to come to any logical vote on its future.

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