Obama’s Little Beer Junket Could Have Cost Business Owner $25k

Look, I don’t begrudge Obama having a beer. That’s no big deal. But…..

(Des Moines Register) There are “two sides to this story,” said Mike Cunningham II, the third generation owner of the 65-year-old Bud Tent.

On one hand, Cunningham, 39, appreciated the historical significance of Obama’s visit: His great-grandfather, Lloyd Cunningham, was secretary of the fair board from 1942 to 1962 and was on hand to greet then-President Dwight Eisenhower when Ike visited the centennial fair in 1954 with Iowa’s own President Herbert Hoover in tow. (That was the first of four visits by sitting presidents, followed by Gerald Ford in 1975, George W. Bush in 2002 and Obama on Monday.)

On the other hand, the small business owner side of Cunningham fumes that the president “put a damper on what I’m trying to do here.” His Bud Tent was shut down at the most lucrative time of day, with a popular rock cover band, Hairball, about to perform at the Susan B. Knapp Amphitheater next door ­ with legions of thirsty fans.

“I was in a position to make a campaign donation against my will,” said Cunningham, a Republican.

Cunningham said that the more accurate figure for what he likely lost in sales Monday night is $25,000. He appreciated that fellow fair vendor Barksdale allowed him to set up a Bud beer station near the amphitheater stage and recoup some dollars from those Hairball fans.

Good job, Barry!

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4 Responses to “Obama’s Little Beer Junket Could Have Cost Business Owner $25k”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    But, hey at least The One was photo’d holding money out like he was paying for the beers for everyone but a Romney supporter. Guess The Messiah didn’t buy one for the tent owner either.

  2. True. I’m surprised he even carries money at all.

  3. john says:

    the tent was closed for 2 hours. 120 minutes. 25 grand in sales WOW !!! that is no small business that is a gold mine

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    hmmm.. probably in gross sales.
    $25,000 divided by 2 hours.
    12,500 per hour
    $5 per beer
    $12,500 divided by $5 per beer (an assumption of cost of beer at FAIR)
    equals 2500 beers
    2500 beers per hour equals 41.67 beers per minute.

    Yep, nice little gold mine.

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