Hotcoldwetdry Could Be Bad For Baseball

Just in time for the All-Star game we get this bit of climahysteria (via Tom Nelson)

Tomorrow’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game may provide some needed distraction for many fans across the country affected by the wildfires, heat, flooding and weather-related outages that have characterized the last couple of weeks.

But could America’s pastime also be feeling the effects of a changing climate that makes inclement weather more common? And what might baseball do to respond to those changes?

Amanda Staudt, a senior scientist at the National Wildlife Federation, said baseball could feel the effects of climate change in “ways large and small.”

“It’s possible a stadium could sustain significant damage from rising waters or from a major storm,” she said.

More mundane effects of warming could also create a nuisance. Warmer winters have been linked to out-of-control insect populations, and some of those pests have occasionally had the itch to see a baseball game.

In May, a swarm of bees briefly interrupted an Arizona-Colorado game in Denver. Flying ants, bees and other unwelcome visitors have attended games in Cleveland, Detroit and elsewhere, in some cases disrupting the action and affecting the score.

Because bugs and critters never show up at a place that is a den of food and beer dropped on the ground. And, let’s not forget that weather never happened before hotcoldwetdry.

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2 Responses to “Hotcoldwetdry Could Be Bad For Baseball”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    I tell ya, it’s time to start using TOFU baseballs for the sake of the survival of our children!!!! Do you want your child to drown when the sea floods Nebraska?!? Because you watched baseball.

  2. Obviously, the National league kicking the crap out of the American league is proof of AGW.

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