Sea Rise Differences Mightpossiblymaybesorta Caused By AGW Changes To Circulatory Patterns

Everybody panic!!!!!!! The Cult Of Gore is at it again

(WNYC) Sea levels along a quarter of the East Coast, including around New York City, are rising more quickly than the global average, according to a new study. (I’ve already explained that the rise has mostly been consistent in NYC for well over a hundred years)

The study, published last week in the journal Nature Climate Change finds that sea levels are rising three to four times more quickly than average along a 620-mile stretch from central North Carolina to north of Boston.

One theory to explain the accelerated rise involves the gradual warming of the area south of Greenland, which slows down the ocean currents that run south to north along the eastern seaboard, Sallenger said. Scientists believe the slower currents change the slope of the seas, pushing up sea levels along that portion of the East Coast. More work needs to be done to test that theory.

Um, captain? The WNYC writer, Soterios Johnson forgot some other info from the Nature article

Climate warming does not force sea-level rise (SLR) at the same rate everywhere. Rather, there are spatial variations of SLR superimposed on a global average rise. These variations are forced by dynamic processes1, 2, 3, 4, arising from circulation and variations in temperature and/or salinity, and by static equilibrium processes5, arising from mass redistributions changing gravity and the Earth’s rotation and shape. These sea-level variations form unique spatial patterns, yet there are very few observations verifying predicted patterns or fingerprints6.

All those can be blamed on natural variations that have always occurred as part of the Earth’s life cycle. Consider that the Atlantic Ocean has, in scientific fact, been getting larger due to volcanic activity along the mid-Atlantic ridge that pushes the North American and Eurasian Plates further apart, ie, plate tectonics, to the tune of 1-10cm per year. The Earth is slowing down, which can change gravity and circulatory patterns. Land uplift and rebound can have an effect. Mass redistribution.

Furthermore, the article takes great pains to mostly avoid inferring anthropogenic causation (there is a tiny bit in reference to “should temperatures rise in the twenty-first century as projected, the NEH SLRD will continue to increase”), and mention aerosols from volcanoes. And

In the Holocene geologic record of an NEH marsh, the authors of ref. 28 found evidence of several rapid SLR increases separated by 900 yr or more that they associated with gyre changes.

The “gyre” is a large ocean circulatory pattern. And the article says this has happened before. Did we have cars back then? What do you think about the doomsaying article now, Captain?

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2 Responses to “Sea Rise Differences Mightpossiblymaybesorta Caused By AGW Changes To Circulatory Patterns”

  1. john says:

    don’t worry, soon there will be another ice age. Just wait.

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    John, why do you want to wish death upon people. I don’t understand you.

    Hey Teach, if something cycles, and changes, doesn’t that mean that …. oh, i don’t know.. things change?

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