NC Dem Party Activists Stage “Tea Party” Moment To Keep Disgraced Leader In Office

Last time I checked, the Tea Party (and Conservatives) worked to jettison scum-sucker politicians, not keep them in office

(Raleigh N&O) David Parker, the besieged state Democratic Party chairman, said Saturday that he would remain in his post after the party’s ruling committee voted not to accept his resignation.

In doing so, Parker defied pressure from party leaders from Washington to Raleigh to step aside because of the concern that his handling of sexual harassment accusations by a staffer would damage the party’s efforts in the fall.

In a day filled with high drama and at times chaos and anger, Parker first tendered his resignation in an emotional speech to the state Democratic Executive Committee. He left the hotel to clean out his office in Raleigh, only to return hours later to announce that he would remain as chairman.

The change in heart came after the Executive Committee, a body made up of party activists from across the state, voted 269-203 not to accept his resignation.

But that all blew up Saturday in spectacular fashion, as the Democratic Party activists staged their own “tea party” moment, rebelling against their state and national leaders.

Should anyone be surprised that the Democrat party base would want to keep a sleazy office holder in office? Republicans do all they can to force them out. Democrats keep people like Barney Frank, William “Cold Cash” Jefferson, John Murtha, Charlie Rangle, etc and so on, around. Heck, they’ve even thrown going away parties for some NC Dem party bigwigs, and by going away, I mean getting sent to prison.

Interesting that the party faithful put politics above sexual harassment.

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4 Responses to “NC Dem Party Activists Stage “Tea Party” Moment To Keep Disgraced Leader In Office”

  1. tdothen says:

    Did I read this correctly?
    The “Executive Committee” of the democrat party for the state of North Carolina has 472 members?
    How the hell do they ever get anything done?

  2. john says:

    ummm I do not remember the GOP leding the charge to get rid of Delay, the Dukester, Craig etc.

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Of course you don’t remember that john, because once the allegations were proven, the men stepped down.

    Here you have a person who refused to take seriously the charge of sexual harassment, covered it up, stalled any investigation and more, and you want to say it is the GOP that is waging a war on women.

    Parker submitted his resignation and hypocrites like yourself decided not to accept it, thus putting your stamp of approval on his actions.

  4. Most of the allegations against Delay were proven wrong. Was he convicted of anything criminal? Most pressured Cunningham and Craig to resign.

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