Warmist Bill Nye: AGW More Important Than Economy And Jobs

Well, why not? If everyone is unemployed and on the public dole, the government has more power

(The Daily Caller) Bill Nye the Science Guy told the Daily Caller on Tuesday that climate change is a bigger problem than the economy or high unemployment.

Bill Nye, who was in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday speaking on behalf of the Planetary Society, said that he is “very concerned about climate change,” adding that, “you can talk about the economy and short-term jobs and so on — but there are much bigger problems.”

If the economy is in the dumps and unemployment is high, there certainly isn’t enough money to deal with “climate change” fixes. Many of those fixes are common sense, such as “green” energy. Of course, the Warmists have destroyed those notions with their idiotic rhetoric and government programs that funnel taxpayer money to companies that are bound to fail.

I will give Nye this, though: he does tend to ride his bike to work rather than take fossil fuel vehicles.

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2 Responses to “Warmist Bill Nye: AGW More Important Than Economy And Jobs”

  1. Christopher Popham Smith says:

    Poor Mr. Nye. He’s not a scientist, yet
    he is given publicity.
    But in a fashion, he might be correct.
    The real ‘climate change’ will occur
    when the 1500 spent fuel rods at the
    Fukishima #4 nuclear facility are
    compromised by another earthquake.
    At a potential radiation (Cesium 137)
    exposure of possoibly 85 times Chernobyl,
    we shall indeed see “climate change”.
    Good luck, everyone.

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    Oh come on Christopher. We’ll long die before that because Japan is now having to rely more on CO2 producing electrical generation means. Just think of the dead zone that is creating as we speak!!!!


    I used to like Bill Nye, until I realized much of his science shows were bunk and then he had a massive political bias in his shows.

    Now, he’s just a better Al Gore than Al Gore is. Which isn’t saying much.

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