Obama Offers Post It Notes In Lieu Of Leadership

Have you seen the latest? (via Doug Powers)

(Washington Post) President Obama called on Congress on Tuesday to support a five-point “to-do list,” which features job creation and mortgage relief measures, in his latest effort to paint the legislative body as an obstructionist force during an election year.

Obama has proposed all of the measures before. But as Washington has grown more polarized during the presidential campaign season, the president has been trying to use Congress as a foil to highlight his administration’s efforts to pass legislation to stimulate the economy.

So, nothing serious. Just a campaign gimmick. Check.

“In this make or break moment for the middle class, there is no excuse for inaction, no excuse for dragging our feet. None,” Obama told the crowd at a nanotechnology facility at the State University of New York at Albany.

During Obama’s remarks, two flat-screen television monitors showed a graphic in the form of a green Post-It Note titled “Congress To-Do List” and laying out the five items with un-checked squares next to them.

It’s make or break, yet, what does Obama have to offer?

Doug suggests that instead of “Foreward,” Team Obama should have gone with “Post it notes you can believe in.” How about “Abdication of responsibility”?

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2 Responses to “Obama Offers Post It Notes In Lieu Of Leadership”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Reward American Jobs.

    Hmmm, then why is he killing them? Why is he preventing companies from expanding and creating jobs? Why is he increasing EPA regulations to quash business and private growth?

    Refinancing for Responsible Homeowners.

    Yeah, responsible homeowners don’t need refinancing as they were smart enough to not buy in to free loans.

    Tax Credits for Small Businesses.

    So, why does he increase taxes on businesses?

    Clean Energy Manufacturing.

    Because A123, Solynda, etc did so well.

    Veterans Jobs Corps

    Talk about an insult. A slap at veterans. We know we screwed up the economy and are refusing to fix it. As a placebo fix, we will give you a temporary government job cleaning trash cans. Voilah!

  2. But, those jobs will never actually appear except on paper.

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