North Carolina’s Amendment 1 Passes

WRAL is so bummed that they can’t even write a detailed story on it (and the story still isn’t showing up on my Droid app)

North Carolina voters elected to change the state constitution on Tuesday, prohibiting any union outside of a marriage between a man and a woman from being recognized in the state.

The marriage amendment captured 61 percent of the vote, with about 80 percent of precincts reporting late Tuesday.

Much of the rest is a reiteration of opponent talking points. At 11pm, with 94% reporting, it is 1,244,833 for Amendment 1, 795,628 against. A 61/39 split.

How soon till a lawsuit is filed to stop A1? I’m betting by the end of Thursday.

Lots more going on. Romney took NC. Of course. It’ll be McCrory (R) vs. Dalton (D) for the governorship. George Holding took out incumbent Paul Coble. I’m regretting my vote for Tim D’Annunzio. He’s a flake, but, he’s the GOP candidate for NC4. Renee Elmers cruised to an easy primary, as did Walter Jones. District 8 doesn’t have anyone above 40%, which is necessary for a win.

Allahpundit has more on non North Carolina races. Oh, and for those carpetbagging liberals who don’t like it, I95 and I85 run north and south, I40 heads west. Funny how so many northern liberals who denigrate the South keep moving from their northern cities to the South.

Morning update: unshockingly, Liberals are pushing the “FRAUD!!!!!!1!!!!” meme because some people were given the wrong ballot. In NC, if one is 17 but will be 18 on election day in November, they can vote in a primary, but not for things like the Amendment, where the actual substantive vote is today. There were some reports that some 17 year olds were given the ballot with the Amendment, and some over 18 weren’t. Obviously, this is some deep, dark, Christian Taliban conspiracy, rather than simple errors on voting day.

John Hawkins highlights some of those ultra civil and tolerant liberals opining on the issue.

And more: for those pushing the “fraud” meme, that’s not working in the typical liberal areas

The Triangle voted against the amendment. It lost 43-57 in Wake County, 30-70 in Durham, 21-79 in Orange County, and 46-54 in Chatham.

Mecklenburg County also voted against the measure, 46-54. And it was narrowly defeated, 49-51, in both Buncombe and Watauga Counties.

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12 Responses to “North Carolina’s Amendment 1 Passes”

  1. SoCal Pir8 says:

    Passed the same type admendment (Prop 8) in CA, 52-48%. Didn’t take long before suit was filed. The 9th circuit court of appeals issued a 2-1 ruling that prop 8 was unconstitutional…so stand by those pesky unelected guys are going to get involved.

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  3. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

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  9. Gumball_Brains says:

    Wow, only 2 comments but webpage says 13. Super secret comments? What are you hiding Teach? You part of the Christian Taliban hiding the truth?


    News in my neck of the woods kept hyping that NC joins 29 other states that have a similar gay marriage ban. Hmmmm. Is that a majority now? Does that mean the president is now out of step? SHOCKA!

    I’ve always wondered how a majority of people who vote to change a constitution can then be told that its unconstitutional? But, didn’t they just change the constitution? Isn’t the people the writers of the constitution that allows them to change it when they want?

  10. Gumball_Brains says:

    I can see Teach’s head swell all the way over here

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  12. Still can’t figure out how to keep spam comments from showing in the number count. I whacked the one you responded too, because it went to a p0rn site.

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