Ever Notice That Warmists Are Really Fond Of Their “Land Yachts”?

Also, have you ever noticed that Warmists aren’t willing to shell out the boatloads of cash necessary to purchase one of these expensive “green” vehicles? Over at Grist, Warmist David Roberts wonders “What car should my family buy“? I suppose he’s assuaging his guilt over driving a vehicle that is Killing Gaia by asking for consensus

Shortly after we got married almost 11 years ago, my wife and I bought a used 2001 Honda Odyssey minivan. We have been driving it ever since. We drove both of our kids home from the hospital in it. We picked up our puppy in it. It’s been on every one of our road trips. I’m incredibly fond of it.

My wife, not so much. She does most of the day-to-day driving, so the nostalgia factor isn’t enough to overcome her aversion to piloting a suburban land yacht. It’s too big, too hard to maneuver and park on city streets, too fuel inefficient. She’s over it.

The MPG of an Odyssey is 16/23. Not particularly Gaia friendly, eh? But, the Robert’s want a new car

Just to anticipate: Yes, I’m sure it would be wonderful if we had no car at all and got our kids around on the bus or in some fancy four-seater bike contraption. But … no. Where we live, what we do, we have to have a car. Maybe someday we’ll live in a walkable enough place that we won’t need one — I hope! — but not today. And also to anticipate: Yes, I’m aware the “greenest” thing we could do is just keep driving the minivan into the ground. But that ship has sailed. So, moving on … here’s our thought process so far:

I love how Warmists always complain about gas guzzling autos and Big Oil, yet, when push comes to shove, they “have to have a car.” The Roberts’ have ruled out sedans, too tiny, and that Chevy Volt “which is too expensive for us anyway.” The Nissan Leaf is too darned expensive, as well. As is a Prius. So, what does Dave get?

Well, really, he and his family should walk. But, the climate change hoax is not about doing anything other than spreading awarness. Real life always intrudes. That said, a different Warmist discusses the challenge of making consumers buy electric vehicles.

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2 Responses to “Ever Notice That Warmists Are Really Fond Of Their “Land Yachts”?”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    the “greenest” thing we could do is just keep driving the minivan into the ground. But that ship has sailed.

    Yeah, our excuses are valid and wholly holy. Just because The Woman says so, then all of our green propagandist talk can be ignored for the sake of convenience.

    But YOURRRRR reasons and excuses are completely and totally vapid. And illegal.

  2. But of course. Because they “spread awareness” they are allowed to be hypocritical.

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