Obama 2012: The Campus Apathy Tour

The kiddies aren’t too excited for a repeat of Obama 2008: The Worship Me As A God Tour

(Bloomberg) On election night 2008, freshman Meagan Cassidy left Lake Forest College and hopped a train to Chicago to celebrate Barack Obama’s impending victory.

“There was probably no better place to be,” Cassidy said in a phone interview. The excitement generated that evening spurred her on to become an intern and then a field organizer in three congressional contests and two human rights campaigns.

Now a senior, Cassidy, 21, said she’s not working on a campaign this time around. She’s too busy looking for a job at a nonprofit advocacy group. She and her friends aren’t discussing the election as much as in 2008, she said.

“There is not much talk of Obama at all,” Cassidy said of the mood on campus, which extends beyond the president. “I don’t think anyone’s satisfied.”

I’d recommend that she look for a real job with an actual product, but, then, there aren’t that many of those out there, either. The unemployment rate for those 20-24 spiked as high as 17.5%, but, has come down a bit. Of course, if they took the Obama’s advice and got a degree in Bullshit, well, there’s their problem

“We left corporate America, which is a lot of what we’re asking young people to do,” (Michelle Obama) told a group of women at a day-care center. “Don’t go into corporate America. You know, become teachers. Work for the community. Be social workers. Be a nurse. Those are the careers that we need, and we’re encouraging our young people to do that. But if you make that choice, as we did, to move out of the money-making industry into the helping industry, then your salaries respond.”

All those 18-19 year olds who are now seniors or graduated now understand that Hope And Change means “update your burger flipping skills”.

The Lonely Conservative points to Obama’s bad week, and mentions the above article, with a line I’ll change a bit

It’s kind of hard to feel bad for him them, seeing that he’s they’ve brought all of this on himself themselves.

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