ABC News Shocked At The Emotional Outpouring For Pope Visit

No, really, it’s like the can’t imagine the love Catholics have for the Pope

Pope’s Arrival in Mexico Sparks Surprising Emotion

It’d be surprising if they were mad, upset, angry, and so forth, but

So well before dawn Saturday, two dozen youths from a Guadalajara church group gathered near the school where the Pope Benedict XVI was staying.

“We sang with all our heart and all our force,” said Maria Fernanda de Luna, a member of the group. “It gave us goosebumps to sing ‘Las Mananitas’ for him.”

Songs, joyful throngs, church bells and confetti welcomed Benedict as he began his first trip to Mexico, a celebration that seemed to erupt spontaneously out of what had been a thin, sun-dazed crowd.

As Pope Benedict XVI’s plane appeared in the shimmering heat of Friday afternoon, people poured from their homes. They packed sidewalks five and six deep, screaming ecstatically as the pope passed, waving slowly. Some burst into tears.

And ABC News is somehow surprised. Typical lefties don’t understand religion.

Sunday update: as GT points out in the comments, the story has disappeared from ABC News. While the link goes to a much shortened Mobile version (I did the post on my ‘Droid), if you search Google for the headline, the link goes to a different story about the Pope at ABC News. But that same headline provides for many, many other stories. It looks like it was originally an AP story. Can see it at Yahoo News, among others.

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8 Responses to “ABC News Shocked At The Emotional Outpouring For Pope Visit”

  1. Ken E. says:

    This is a good one….but it does show how the looney left so is ill informed about almost every thing….this is beyond thought…being a socialist must damage the gray matter some how..//////

  2. True. If the zombie apocalypse comes, it will be very tough to scramble liberal brains, as they are already liquified.

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    And yet, they fully understand how people faint for Chancellor Obama. Remember the “tingle up my leg” comment?

  4. gitarcarver says:

    This is kind of odd, Teach.

    Your link now goes to an article called “Pope Focuses on Mexico’s Children During Visit.”

    (At least it does for me.)

    When I search for the headline on the ABC site, it is no longer there. It is as if ABC scrubbed the article.

    Lest you think I believe the article didn’t exist, I know it did, as the Jamestown Sun has the article word for word as you cited.

    Accident? Coincidence? Tinfoil hat time?

    You decide. 🙂

  5. It seems to be back up, but, very shortened. Perhaps something to do with using the mobile version? I’ve fixed the link to the regular web version.

    Edit: actually, no, it now goes to a different story about the Pope’s visit.

  6. gitarcarver says:

    That’s the story I was getting when I wrote the note.

    I find it odd that ABC scrubbed the story you originally cited off their site. It’s one thing to say the link no longer works or a 404 page, but to change it and remove it totally from the site?

    I wonder if they were getting similar reactions from others that you had.

  7. Gumball_Brains says:

    It is not uncommon at all for MSM news sites to change their stories over the course of a day or week. Yahoo is another site that frequently changes stories.

  8. gitarcarver says:

    Sorry Gumball, but this is the first time I can remember where the entire story was scrubbed and another story inserted at the same url.

    Yeah, sites make editorial changes all the time and a good site will note those changes. But that is not what happened here.

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